gesture controlled headphones

Acconeer and Imagimob combine Radar Technology and Edge AI in gesture-controlled headphones showcased at CES 2020

gesture controlled headphones

The thing of the future is here as the two companies have combined Radar Technology and Edge AI in order to produce gesture-controlled headphones. The headphones to be showcased have been programmed to understand and respond to five gestures. The accuracy level is pretty high and close to zero latency. The companies have been working together since May this year and this is their first production. The Edge AI software by Imagimob together with Pulsed Coherent Radar technology by Acconeer has brought together a creative platform for gesture control. 

The two companies have come together in a long term agreement to do wonders with the potential technologies they have at hand. The headphones are not where they stop. They have lots of other products in-store in industries ranging from robotics and in the automotive industry. 

Growing Market for Accurate radar sensors

There has been a major interest developed for the market of accurate radar sensors combined with AI. there have been a number of recent commercial launches which testify for this fact. AI + Radar is a perfect match that can solve many different needs in markets for consumer electronics and other embedded systems where size, cost, and power consumption are key constraints. Headphones are the perfect product to initiate this with as gesture control using radar and AI makes it possible to provide a smoother, more intuitive and safer interface for the user. 

The A111 radar offers high precision on low power as well as pulsed short-range radar senor with a footprint of only 29 mm2. The best part about it is the compact size and low power consumption making it extremely suitable for integration with compact battery-driven devices. With the release of the new XM122 IoT module, using an Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU, optimized for low power consumption and with wireless capabilities such as Bluetooth added, prototyping and integration in small devices with no room for a touch screen have been even further improved.

Both Acconeer and Imagimob have been working tirelessly to prove that the A111 senor can be packed into small wearable devices and they have proved this by fitting it into a headphone. It can cater to all kinds of headphones including over-ear, on-ear and in-ear headphones. 

The gesture application from Imagimob enables accurate gesture detection with low latency in real-time

The gesture application is developed by Imagimob using Imagimob AI and was developed in close cooperation with Acconeer. Imagimob AI is a set of software tools for the development of Edge AI applications. Edge AI applications enable small, low-power devices with intelligence and data processing capabilities for actionable insights in real-time. This lends itself to a world of exciting applications, where the Edge AI application is pre-trained with data to create specific instincts for use in all kinds of intelligent products. The output from Acconeer’s radar is ideal for this type of algorithms.

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