Top 3 reasons to buy shared proxies

We are all Internet users! Some of us are power users, spending a lot of time on the Internet. But not many of us consider the risks and implications of our privacy when using the Internet. Even fewer users find getting a VPN or why should they buy shared proxies to engulf their Internet usage in anonymity to increase their privacy.

We all know that using the incognito mode of our browsers is not enough to stay private online. But few take the necessary step to protect themselves.

A VPN is not enough

You might consider using a VPN is enough to stay anonymous, but this is not always the case. You should add one extra layer of privacy on top of your VPN. This extra layer consists of using shared proxies and forwarding yours through them.

So, without further ado, here’s why you should consider getting shared proxies for your Internet browsing.

  1. Buy shared proxies to stop your ISP selling your browsing history

Even if you use incognito mode, you won’t stay hidden and in complete privacy from your ISP. Your ISP – Internet Service Provider – can still monitor your traffic and the website you access.

No matter how many privacy features you enable in your browser, your Internet history is still exposed to your ISP. And every website you visited so far is recorded in their databases.

The solution here is to use a VPN and shared proxies. Why shared proxies? Because once your traffic reaches the VPN server, it will be forwarded to the shared proxy server. Here your traffic is mixed with other users.

Thanks to the VPN and shared proxies, your Internet traffic will look like an exchange of random data between your PC and a random IP over the Internet. And your ISP and other websites won’t know your real IP address and won’t be able to monitor and profile you.

  1. Stop hackers before they reach you

Most hacking attacks and exploits take advantage of naked IP address and plain connections. Once they know your IP address, hackers can command their zombie servers to attack your connection.

You can protect yourself (both your home and business connection) if you buy shared proxies. By using proxies, your connection won’t display your real IP address. Instead, your actual IP address is hidden behind the shared proxy server’s IP.

So any potentially malicious attack won’t reach your real connection and will stop at the proxy server level. Hence, you’ll be protected and nobody will know how to reach you.

  1. Protect against snooping tools

As mentioned above, a shared proxy can act as a buffer between your real connection and the Internet. And any potential hacking attack could be stopped at the server level.

Likewise, if you buy shared proxies, not only you protect yourself from hacking attacks but also from spying agencies.

Use your proxies on top of a VPN connection and you won’t be easily found. If you reach a malicious website, its webmasters won’t be able to see your real connection. Instead, they will only see the shared proxy’s IP address.

As private proxies are high anonymous proxies, malicious actors won’t be able to know that you are hiding behind a proxy. They will consider the server’s IP as being your real one.

What look for when getting shared proxies

If you want to increase your privacy and start using proxies (preferably on top of a VPN), you should know where to look of them.

All proxy providers offer shared IPs. When getting yours, look for packages from established providers and always make sure that you have the option to refresh your IPs every month. This means that you will be able to ask for new IPs every 30 days.


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