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Should you drop out of the college because Bill gates did?


Coming from a generation that was always schooled about grades and working hard in the school, it was always important for people from my generation to burn the midnight oil and get the grades that were considered to bring somewhat stability in our upcoming lives. I have no idea how true it was but it did instill the habit of hard work which has helped us to date in meeting the deadlines and not shying away from doing any sort of works. However, we had started hearing about people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who were university dropouts.

These most successful people in the world were meant to inspire us in a number of different ways. Obviously, their wealth mattered but so did their success and fame all over the world because of their professional excellence. It did seem to shatter our ideals a bit and we started wondering if the best university degree was all we needed in life. I remember wanting to drop out of the university when the assignments seem to screw me over quoting Bill gates’ example. Luckily, my mother did not know Bill Gates and I was not left with much choice to ‘explore’ my world.

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As you step into the real world, you realize how everything functions. Coming from a middle-class family where the main earning came through my father’s job due to his skill set, education was considered the top-most priority. Bill gates’ example did not sit well with my parents whose basic aim in life was to enjoy a decent living and send their children to the best schools they could afford.

While most of us dwell upon Bill Gates and Steve Job’s decision to drop out of the university, we forget that they were among the most intelligent people in the world who were working throughout their education. Also, these people were privileged enough to afford the university education that many people in the world could only dream of. This also implies that not only were these people immensely hardworking and smart, they also had a cushion to fall on.

To be honest, I have no intention of bursting your bubble but it is important to understand our own bitter and dark realities before jumping to the conclusion and not seeing the complete picture. We only saw the part where they dropped out of college. Recognizing their struggle, intellect,  insight, and perspective was the part we missed out. Let’s join the remaining parts of this giant jigsaw puzzle because it is not difficult to see the real picture.



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