PIAIC set to begin classes in Islamabad

PIAIC, the ambitious program to train Pakistani youths in emerging technologies founded by the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi is set to begin its classes in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Native Computing, Blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) for students in Islamabad.

The program will serve as many as 4,000 to 6,000 students in the twin cities.  The qualifying students will be taught these skills in 3-hour classes, once a week on Sundays at various venues across Islamabad.  PIAIC will begin taking enrollments in the program from top students on the merit list that was released via Facebook on August 31st.

The program’s website PIAIC.org will begin allowing students to create a fee voucher starting on September 17th, 2019 that could be paid at Saylani Welfare International Trust’s two branches in the twin cities.  Once that seat is confirmed by paying the fees, the students will receive their enrollment details including class assignment, location of class and timing via an email and an SMS message.

The program has already finished the first quarter of its program in the aforementioned fields with 12,000 students in Karachi and is rapidly expanding to other cities of Pakistan.

According to PIAIC’s Chief Strategist, Adil Altaf, the aim is to get as many young men and women engaged in learning emerging technologies as quickly as possible.  “We are rapidly building the capacity to deliver training in multiple mediums and make it available to youth in all corners of Pakistan.” he said.  “We have fully functional on-site and online programs operating in both Karachi and Hyderabad with test taking facilities in Hyderabad for over 12,000 students and we aim to emulate the same model for the twin cities.”

The program’s core strategy is emulated from renowned Stanford professor and the co-founder of Coursera, Andrew Ng.

“We firmly believe that with this approach it is possible to achieve exponential growth in a shorter period of time.” Mr. Altaf said.

In addition to preparing our young workforce in technologies of tomorrow, PIAIC plans to develop it’s industries by applying AI and other latest technologies on industry verticals in which they already have a competitive advantage.  “In the very near future manufacturing techniques will be replaced by AI hence making it highly cost affective. If we do not prepare our youth for the 4th industrial revolution (4IR) our human capital will stand compromised. It should be made mandatory that All CEOs of successful organizations come forward & start mentoring and preparing our youngsters on the challenges of the 4IR.” Said Kazi Rahat Ali, the General Secretary of the program.

The Chief Operating Officer of the program Sir Zia Khan has repeatedly and successfully employed this strategy to train Pakistani youth in technology.  He started “Operation Badar” some 20 years ago to train programmers in Java.  He has helped launch Saylani’s Mass IT training program that boasts more than 4,000 successful trainees at no cost to the students.  Sir Zia Khan said, “The program is not only a low cost but an expedited way for Pakistani youth to get valuable skills in emerging tech and make a career out of a lucrative and growing field of study that have already changed fortunes of thousands of youth via previous efforts of similar programs.”

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