Scribit – the write & erase robot – transforms your walls with Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun

Scribit, in collaboration with Eliasson’s Little Sun, is bringing positivity into thousands of people’s homes by sketching on their walls. In a bid to show how the glorious sun connects all living things on Earth, they will spread hope and sustainable action for our planet’s future.

Scribit and the Little Sun


Scribit has joined forces with Little Sun, a not for profit organization run by Olafur Eliasson to map the sun’s path chart on the walls of many, many homes. These various converted canvases piece together to form our planet’s most expansive mosaic piece, connected by the love and bond of thousands of people.

This project is a milestone step for the Little Sun organization, allowing them to further their goal of sustainability, harmony and collaborated effort to save the planet. Now, the Little Sun is bringing this message right into people’s homes and lives via Scribit, the write & erase robot.

Scribit has allowed its users to truly immerse themselves in this process by allowing them to personalize their moment. Users can enter the exact time, date and area into the robot integrated mobile application, creating a drawing on their wall that is an exact replica of the sun’s current placement in the sky.

As soon as the details are entered, the Scribit robot plots coordinate and begins to display its unique artwork on the surface of the owner’s choosing. Compatible with any vertical surface, Scribit can bring the essence of their project anywhere in your home. Each unique wall drawing stands for an all-encompassing message, something that connects us all. It serves as a reminder that we are all children of the same sun and that we must join hands to ensure the betterment of our mother Earth.

Draw, Erase, Repeat!


Perhaps, Scribit’s best feature is its ability to erase, change and redraw. Not only does this allow people to evolve their part of this never-ending mosaic with time, but it also works to portray the lack of permanence of our world and the care that must be taken to nurture it. You will be able to find a companion in your Scribit’s drawing, for it will grow with you.

Of course, the Scribit experience is all-inclusive, leaving no one behind. That’s why it has a presence on both iOS and Android, which can be accessed here. Scribit does not lose sight of the humanitarian element in their project, which is why their display includes a donate option to give to the Little Sun’s Give Light Program, which can be viewed here.

The Scribit-Eliasson partnership also gives us the ‘Scribit Originals’, a project aimed at immersing art in everyday life. From a range of mediums, they take fine art, poetry, and design and revitalize it to make it a part of your own home.

The Vision

scribit and the little sun

Little Sun’s co-founder, Olafur Eliasson allows us a glimpse into his vision and the true purpose behind his work when he says, “Little Sun is a response to our present situation. Energy shortage and unequal energy distribution demand that we reconsider how our life-sustaining systems function. I see Little Sun as a wedge to open up this urgent discussion from the perspective of art, to raise awareness about energy access and the unequal distribution of energy today.”

Scribit’s inventor, Carlo Ratti, also imparted words of wisdom, portraying the capacity of art to bring about change, “Scribit challenges the paradigm of art as confined to a precise time and location. It narrows the gap between viewer and artist.”

Take a look into Scribit and the Little Sun here.

About Scribit

Scribit is the brainchild of the Carlo Ratti Association, a lauded design company headed by MIT professor Carlo Ratti. Functioning as a write & erase robot that holds the ability to turn any vertical surface into a work of art, it allows the user to add personality and meaning to something that is blank, all with the touch of their fingertips. 

About Little Sun

Founded by an artist by the name of Olafur Eliasson, Little Sun aims to let everyone live in the light. Targeted towards elevating the living situation of the 1.1 billion people who survive without electricity, Little Sun social business has been striving to equip them with sustainable solar energy since 2012. Little Sun has successfully provided 830,000 sustainable lamps to people living in such conditions. Moreover, they have also provided green alternatives to hazardous fuels, taking steps to mend the environment.  

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