Lakemba Ramadan Nights

It is my first Ramadan in a non-Muslim country. Before this, I have always lived in Muslim countries where life majorly revolved around the suhoor and iftar once this month started. My first Ramadan in Sydney, however, had a different sight to offer. Unlike my prior experience, here I have to be at work on … Read more

3 Great Slots Games To Play In Your Browser In 2019  

Slots games are all the rage nowadays. Easy to play and convenient whether you’ve got five minutes spare or an hour, the booming online casino industry has recognized the thrill of the slots to offer players an abundance of choice from movie-themed games to those based on celebrities, pop music and sport as well as … Read more

Huawei blacklisting – Google is the real loser here!

huawei matebook

It’s already all over the news. Trump has put Huawei on a Blacklist and Google has just announced that they will be withdrawing Android support to all new Huawei devices. Old ones will still work, but will not be getting any more software updates, which includes security patches! Will this stop Huawei and be the … Read more

Our Top 5 Mobile Roulette Apps for Android and iPhone

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If you love all your roulette games and want to play them every chance you get, even on the go, then we might just have the perfect guide for you today! In today’s ever-growing software design and tech industry, online roulette games are simply not limited to their websites alone. They are now available in … Read more

Subscription Services: Freedom or Fatigue?

Subscription Services

As consumers, we live in an era that centres around personalisation, convenience, and speed. Those are the benchmarks against which we evaluate and expect businesses to provide us with their best assortment of products or services. Periodical subscription services, be it in the shape of a box of exotic fruits or monthly access to premium … Read more

Ecovacs Deebot N79S Bagless Robotic Vacuum

A closer look at the Ecovacs Deebot N79S bagless robotic vacuum The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a very impressive smart cleaning gadget. Over a black Friday sale, it was the bestselling robotic vacuum cleaner! Let’s take a closer look at this Ecovacs Deebot in some detail. The Deebot N79S costs £219.98 and has a lot … Read more

Women on Wheels: Reclaiming public spaces

Women on wheels are there to reclaim their public spaces Despite coming from the land of Indus Valley civilization that prayed goddesses, the Pakistani society has only grown more patriarchal with time. Sadly, most of the ‘traditions’ and ‘values’ that define Pakistani society involve keeping women confined to the boundaries of their homes and culture. … Read more

From Game of Thrones to Grave of Thrones at Foxtel

Although HBO does not air in Australia it does not mean that Australian viewers are deprived of the simultaneous joy and pain of watching their favorite TV show: Game of Thrones. Foxtel live streaming is the way out. These rights to legally telecast the Game of Thrones have rested with Foxtel since season one. The … Read more