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RoboQi – The world’s most advanced Wireless Car Charger

Most of us rely on our phones to help us with navigation while we drive around. Not many of us quite have cars with Android Auto or CarPlay, and quite frankly, any car that comes with a built-in SatNav is not really up to the job. As such, it is rather important to have a decent phone holder in your car. RoboQi takes the current traditional design and takes it up a few notches. The car charger comes with robotic arms as well as wireless charging. Yeah, this is pretty much the most advanced car charger we have seen so far!

RoboQi – Features

  • Offers fast wireless charging technology.
    • 7.5W charging for iPhones
    • 10W charging for compatible Android phones
  • AutoRobotic arms that automatically close onto your phone when you press the phone against the charger.
  • Works with cases and most phones.
  • Multiple mounting ways, both with a car mount charger for windscreen as well as air vents.
  • Intelligent chip which offers built-in protection.

In the box

RoboQi comes with:

  • RoboQi wireless charger
  • Suction Base and Telescopic arm
  • AirVent Clip
  • QC3.0 Car Charger with USB C Cable and USB port
  • 1 x USB C Cable


The device is pretty easy to install and comes with two options. You can mount it via the telescopic arm on to your windscreen or dashboard. You can also use the air vent mount. Both come with a ball attachment that attaches to the phone holder.

Once attached, run a USB C cable from the included charger, or from a separate charger from your car to the bottom of the charger/holder.

With this, you are good to go.

How it works

With your phone, and pretty much any smartphone works, just place it against the charger, and as soon as it hits the sensor, the arms will automatically close around your phone, giving it a good robust hold.

If your phone has wireless charging capabilities, then it will also start to wirelessly charge.

You may want to ensure that you place the wireless charging area of your phone on top of the central circle. If your phone is too high or too low, the feature may not work.

How good is the grip?

Very good. I can easily go over bumps or potholes with no risk of my phone popping out.

Look and feel

Generally, it looks great. However, it must be noticed that the USB C cable sticks out at the bottom.

It also comes with a red/green LED which indicates whether it is charging or not. While the red one is fine, the green one can feel very bright in the evening and could potentially be distracting.

However, despite these slight niggles, this is the best phone holder I have ever tried and I am sticking with it.

More information

More information on the RoboQi charger can be found on their page.

You can buy it via Amazon. However, Amazon US has this for only $45.99, while the UK website has this for a whopping £115.81!. The US website will deliver to the UK with an extra $15, so it still a lot cheaper.


This is a brilliant phone charger, and with its wireless charging capabilities, is future proof. Definitely, the one to go for!

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