Oppo Reno 10x Zoom: Our First Thoughts

Oppo are here with a new phone series and from the offset, their marketing angle is that it’s a phone for ‘creatives’. As a designer/ illustrator and content creator, I was curious. Clearly this wasn’t just another phone launch. The whole event was curated around this idea of creation. Funky illustrative designs adorned their logo … Read more

Where did Lux Style Awards go wrong?

Lux Style Awards have always been the most esteemed awards in terms of style, fashion and performing arts. However this year this prestigious award has been a butt of controversies and from the course of events one can see that there is no looking back on it. #MeToo campaign has taken the world by storm … Read more

The foods we miss from Lahore

Apart from mom and endless wedding festivities, what a Lahori misses most about Lahore is food. Food, food, glorious food! Yeah even if we are taken to Naples for the authentic Pizza we will still long for Gino’s chicken and cheese-struck pizza (probably an Italian might not even recognise it). Chinese for us will always … Read more

Mashal Khan and the beasts

Two years have passed. Much more to go… as callous and insensitive it may sound the truth cannot be concealed. Yes, many more years will pass by, just like these two years. Mashal Khan’s lynching will continue being one of the darkest incidents of Pakistan’s history. Well, I know the competition is tough and darkness … Read more

Google & Social Media: A Series of Failures

Google Social Media

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Google has made many attempts to join the ranks of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even SnapChat with its native social media platforms. However, just about every attempt, including Orkut, has been a massive ‘fail’ for Team Google. Here’s the breakdown: Orkut Orkut, Google’s initial attempt at social … Read more

How Real Were the Hacks in Mr. Robot?

hacker vpn locked content

TV Show “Mr. Robot” has to thank Remi Malek for his outstanding performance playing a computer programmer Eliot and scenario writers for realistic hacks. The director of the show manages to put the audience in Eliot’s shoes makes the viewers identify with him. For those who didn’t watch the show, Eliot Alderson is a prominent … Read more

How to choose the best photo editor app

It is not true that you will always be lucky to capture the best photos every time you take them. Even professional photographers have those moments when the pictures they take do not come out as clear as they would want them to be. This means that you will need to create time, later on, … Read more

The ‘Hush-Hush’ iPhone

secret iphones

Ask just about anyone who uses an Apple product and they will tell you that it is basically impenetrable. Whether it is an iPhone or a MacBook Pro laptop, most consumers rightly believe that their Apple device has a very low probability of getting ‘infected’ by a harmful virus or malware. It is this particular … Read more

How to Have the Optimal Gaming Experience

For some, gaming is a quick way to pass the time while they sit on the bus. But for others, gaming is a way of life. Gaming can be as intensive and involved as you want it to be. The various modes of gaming out there mean that you can be invested in a desktop … Read more