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Our Favourite Ranveer Singh Moments

Bollywood runs through our blood. We eat, sleep and drink Bollywood. Many of our choices in life, diction, reaction to a certain situation and expectations from love are also dictated by it. The late 1980s saw an era of three young and fresh looking heroes who were later destined to give the industry a change in the perception of heroes. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Khans. Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are the top grossing actors even till now. It will also be rightful to say that these actors actually became the identity of Bollywood. Even today the Khans’ films assure a decent box office score. However, as we notice the times are changing. We now have Ranveer Singh!

Debuting his brighter than sunlight career with Yash Raj Film’s production Band Baja Barat Ranveer Singh lit the theatres on fire. Soon it was crystal clear that Ranveer was no ordinary actor. He has this remarkable ability to transform completely from one role to another. In Padmavat, we seem him as the portrayed barbaric villain Allaud Din Khilji and evil from outside but mushy inside police officer in Simmba. While Simmba was still etched in our hearts, the trailer of Gully Boy was released where we saw an outright new Ranveer Singh- a rapper from the lower middle class. Yeah, the rap is also in his voice.

Not only this, but Ranveer Singh has also never failed to entertain us with his quirky fashion sense. Although some people criticize him as an attention seeker we love his unique fashion sense more than those typically tailored suits.

Here we have our pick of some of the colours and shades of the very quirky, fun and lively Ranveer Singh.

Bring it on!
Anyone else who has the audacity to pull this look?
Hey, a flower party!
No clue what he is up to but let’s salute the guts

Can you believe it’s the same person?

Or this?


Very Befikre

And this lover boy?

Only Ranveer Singh could pull this look!
Which look to pick… hmm?

Can not have enough of these lights and sparks <3

Lighting the stage up on one of the receptions hosted in Mumbai for Ranveer Deepika wedding
What a dapper groom and what a breathtaking bride

Undoubtedly, Ranveer Singh is the only actor in B Town right now who can nail every character and look. This is to many years of entertainment, laughter and happiness we are here to witness and live in the era of Ranveer Singh.

Ending this blog up on wishing Ranveer Singh a very good luck for his upcoming film ‘Gully Boy’ that we can not wait to watch.

The time is here! See you soon with another blog and excitement/

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