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A Chat with Hajra Yamin

Actress Hajra Yamin spoke about the experience of working in a film called Pinky Memsaab and the response to it from all over the GCC and Pakistan.


About Pakistan’s response:

Hajra Yamin: Pakistan’s audience is very unpredictable. They basically like being spoonfed. This movie in that perspective is very different. It depends more on subtext rather than spoonfeeding. And people are understanding it.

Are the audiences ready for a film like Pinky Memsaab?

Hajra Yamin: It’s never ready. You have to make them ready. I think ten percent or twenty percent people are rejecting it. But other than people are really liking it.

How have they liked Hajra’s role as Pinky?

Hajra Yamin: Pretty well. I was very scared. As an actor, we all have weaknesses and my weakness is in dialects. So in that scenario, I was afraid about the fact that how are people going to react to my dialect.


But nobody has said anything about so I’ll take that as a yes.

What is the pressure like of being a central character in a film?

Hajra Yamin: The pressure is a lot. And you feel this pressure when the film is done. When you’re done shooting. That’s when you feel it. You don’t feel it when you’re shooting. When you’re done shooting – that’s when you think: “Oh my God, I could have done so much and I didn’t do that!” That’s when I started bugging Shazia a LOT. So she said, “no you’ve done your part, let me do mine!”

What would be Hajra’s choice? Film or tv?

Hajra Yamin: Theatre. Theatre is home to me. I’ve been doing it for the last eight years. And I have loved it and I’m learning so much from it still.


Acting is a never-ending learning process. After theatre, I would love to do films. They’re both very similar in a way. As an actor it’s my job to be flexible enough to carry all three mediums. Theatre, tv, films. Dramas, maybe once in a while.

Hajra’s choice of doing smaller roles on tv:

Hajra Yamin: How many strong leading characters in dramas have you seen? They’re not very strong. But the supporting characters are always stronger. You remember them. For me, there are no leading characters, only strong ones. And those strong characters for me have lead to me all the other better projects. Nature worked.

A message for aspiring actresses:

Hajra Yamin: You can be a good actor and look beautiful at the same time.


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