Christmas Gifts for Petrolheads: A Personalised Haynes Manual

haynes personalised car manuals

Haynes Publishing is a name that most of us will be familiar with, especially if you’re interested in cars. As a child, I remember my parents always purchased a Haynes Workshop Manual for every new car they purchased. In fact, having one was seen as something of a necessity and I was strongly advised by … Read more

Honor Slash Prices In Time For Christmas Shopping

honor christmas gift guide

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already started thinking about your Christmas shopping. One issue many of us have during the festive season is finding high quality, useful gifts that our loved ones will love that don’t cost the earth. It seems that there is a choice to make between quality and affordability, but it … Read more

Here’s Why #AndazApnaApna Will Forever Be A Cult Classic – Part 1.

Did you know that when the comedy Bollywood film “Andaz Apna Apna” released, it wasn’t a box office success? When it gradually grew in popularity later, it became a cult classic. It inspired memes and jokes and legendary dialogs. Here’s a look back to one of our favorite films of the yesteryear. Also fun fact, … Read more

VideoProc: A Complete Video Processing Tool (and Giveaway!)

If one time-travels some fifty-odd years into the past, you will find that most people have little access to cameras. Zoom back into the present and it is a totally different picture. There is an overwhelming variety of cameras available in the marketplace these days. Some people use special equipment like GoPro cameras and drones. Other people … Read more

Mastering Rastering – Colour

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Today’s lesson is about colour. We will be looking at swatches, palettes, colour picker tools, themes and high DPI screen settings in Krita and Photoshop. Without further ado, let’s get started. Picking Colours & Swatches in Photoshop Photoshop has many pre-loaded colour palettes or swatches to choose from. To change your on-screen colour swatch, navigate … Read more

The good, bad, and ugly of children’s apps

Education is not truly enlightening until it is nurturing curiosity, interest, and fascination of the world as it is, but also as it could be. Innovation breeds in the soup of doubt; the wondrous miracles that ‘doubt’ has brought forth are the stuff of dreams unfolding in research labs, incubators, and so forth. ‘Doubt is … Read more

Wedding Whirlwinds | In Pictures | Weddings 2018

A lot of our favorite celebrities got married this year and we can’t help but think how ‘in’ marriage is nowadays. From royalty to politicians, from Hollywood to Bollywood to Lollywood, everyone you know is either about to tie the knot or has done the deed already. Here’s a lookback at all the big moments … Read more

Win A Place In A Professional Esports Team With The EE Mobile Series

the ee mobile series e-sports gaming fnatic

If you’re an avid gamer, EE have made an announcement this week that might be of interest to you. The EE Mobile Series is a gaming tournament that is offering the chance to become a member of esports team, Fnatic. This pioneering tournament will feature three stages of gaming which will end with an eight-player … Read more