VideoProc: A Complete Video Processing Tool (and Giveaway!)

If one time-travels some fifty-odd years into the past, you will find that most people have little access to cameras. Zoom back into the present and it is a totally different picture. There is an overwhelming variety of cameras available in the marketplace these days. Some people use special equipment like GoPro cameras and drones. Other people use their smartphones, such as iPhones, to record important moments in their lives. However people choose to shoot their footage, the result is large volumes of unedited, raw video data. What has been missing is a complete video-processing tool that converts all that data into an easily consumable and meaningful format. Those formats include social media videos, gifs, music videos, tutorials, music videos and more. There is a video-processing tool-sized gap in the software universe that desperately needs to be filled. The best part is if you scroll down, not only are we talking about it, we are also letting you have a chance of winning it for yourself with the giveaway below! 

Squids being recorded in an aquarium


Street photography from your summer in Barcelona, clips from your island trip to Bali, or outtakes from the office holiday party – smartphones make capturing special moments super-convenient. The true challenge lies in converting iPhone videos into anything worth sharing with your friends and family members. Some of the problems iPhone users have to deal with include format issues like the inability to play AVI, FLV, or MKV videos on the smartphone.  iPhone users also have to deal with video quality issues like blurry night-time footage, shaky footage, and reduction in video resolution after uploading to YouTube. Even the largest iPhone screen is still inadequate for full-fledged, professional-looking video editing work.

Video Proc


VideoProc is just the video processing tool to change moments captured on the iPhone into life-long memories. It outperforms traditional video converter software by handling every single step in the production process. Video Proc manages everything, from editing, resizing, alignment to even video encoding and decoding, without monopolizing precious CPU usage.

The main menu immediately offers up the following options:

  • Convert & Process Video
  • Convert & Backup DVD
  • Download DVD
  • Record Video

If you choose Video, the resulting dashboard includes a mini-preview window, a target-format option bar, and a clearly-marked format conversion tool linked to the ‘Run’ button. From here on out, the user has ready access to instant filters, cropping, cutting, resizing and other key editing capabilities.

VideoProc is a video-editing tool that works well for beginners as well as for those on a more advanced level. It removes unnecessary steps from the video editing task without compromising the quality of the final product. The developers put in a lot of effort to create a one-stop video processing tool like VideoProc. It takes the best features from existing editing software and combines them in a neat package. There is good news for those hopefully devoted to their favourite operating platforms! Turns out that VideoProc is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac machines.

Video Proc Giveaway


VideoProc software allows you to translate your cinematic vision from raw footage into digital formats. If you are interested in trying out VideoProc, follow this step to win yourself a free license to edit, transcode, and resize videos.  All you have to do is enter a valid email address here to get an entry form for the giveaway. The giveaway prizes include a brand-new iPhone XS, a set of Airpods, or an iPhone charger cable. Before you hit record, do not forget to sign-up for the VideoProc giveaway by 30th November 2018! Now the only thing left to do is to debut your cinematic masterpiece on your favourite social media platform.

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