Top things every tech geek should have at home

Technology has become an integral part of our world today and it only continues to develop and better address needs that can be met with the newest tech gadget. People that love technology in general value the importance of having it in their everyday life and consequently in their home. It can make everyday tasks and ways of life more efficient and overall more convenient.

We’ve gathered a selection of things that every tech geek should have at home:

A smart TV and a good streaming service

More and more people are giving up cable TV as sports games, movies and television series are now available on streaming.  According to eMarketer, by the end of last year, the number of people who had cancelled a traditional TV service reached over 22.2 million and those who had never subscribed to the traditional cable service reached 34.3 million. Shifting over to a streaming service means you get a fair price as well as the ability to watch your entertainment from any screen. A great example is the new platform Chili, available in the UK as of recently. On-demand content is available at our fingertips so the shift to a smart TV (or smart device) and a streaming service is definitely a go-to for every tech lover.

A virtual assistant

We have seen the introduction of the virtual assistant via customer service support as well as the ever-popular Apple’s Siri. Virtual assistants are technically artificial intelligence programs that can be connected via the cloud and support users without even requiring the user to lift a finger. Users can, for example, turn off lights, call a friend, or power on the air conditioning by addressing the virtual assistant. The extra hand at home simplifies tasks and can function from spoken commands alone.

A wireless speaker system

Gone are the days when your speaker system has to be plugged into the wall and you cannot move it from its designated spot. You can forget the wires and avoid the stress of making sure your furniture can accommodate your entertainment with a wireless speaker system. A surround-sound system can be implemented, one specified for outdoor entertainment or even just a simple one to set up in the family room. Whether it is wireless or wired, a speaker functions by creating sound through vibrations via electricity and magnetism. Anyone who loves music and movies will especially love this inclusion in their home.

 Smart light bulbs

Lighting is arguably one of the most important things in a home. Smart light bulbs, often LED light bulbs, use less energy than traditional ones, last longer and even come in different colour options. You are able to control them via a device that syncs up to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, home automation system or app. If you choose to use smart lighting, you can make sure your home is lit for security and safety at night and even turn the lights off at home if you forget and are already out.

 Robot vacuum cleaner

Whether keeping a clean house is high up on your priority list or not, the robot vacuum cleaner is a piece of tech that just makes life easier. Initial models were able to get to the hard to reach places, such as under furniture, but had the common complaint of batteries running low and hearing the battery warning beep while not knowing where the vacuum cleaner was. On the market today, there are robot vacuum cleaners in different price ranges and the performance and capabilities of these compact cleaners has greatly improved. Some can even dump their own dirt in the proper place and make their way back to charge themselves after they perform their duties.

Smart security camera

A smart security camera is one of the most common tech products that people especially focused on security use at home. It enables you to see what happens when you are away, record activity in and around your space and feel more confident that your home is protected. Some cameras are wired and others wireless, while some cameras perform better for outdoor activity than indoor. Depending on what your main focus is, there are plenty of options out there.

All of these things are great for either entertainment or making life easier. With the number of options that are out there, those that enjoy greater functionality at home have plenty to choose from and reap the benefits of tech.

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