Benazir Bhutto- a memory that continues to live

The first female Prime Minister of Pakistan and Muslim world, Benazir Bhutto, has left an unvoidable vacuum in the political and social lives of many Pakistanis with her sad demise.

The first born to one of the most popular leaders of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir was always by her father’s side. Z.A. Bhutto was already training her as his political heiress. Benazir Bhutto was always a shining star. Having studied from the prestigious universities like Harvard and Oxford, she always wanted to become a newscaster. However, destiny had some other plans for her. The untimely assassination of her father led Benazir to enter practical politics and lead the party at a young age.

This woman of substance and steel proved not to be just the political heir to a strong party but one of the strongest figures of the history of Pakistan. It was never an easy ride for her. The hardships laid as pricks by her political opponents were not meager. Benazir proved her mettle by standing in the way of any adversity like a strong concrete wall. She was not only the first female prime minister of Pakistan but also Muslim world. Other than this Benazir Bhutto also showed how to balance her professional and personal life. Not only did this Prime Minister of Pakistan make children but also kept them by her side through every thick and thin.

Benazir was known for her ferocious thoughts and ideas against the radicalization of Pakistan. She was vocal and nothing could hold her back from expressing her views. She was, hence, considered to be a threat by the extremist circles and was soon shot down by them on December 27th,2007 during a political campaign.

Despite Benazir’s own party coming to power, her murderers still roam freely. Today Benazir does not stand among us anymore. But her memory stands like a guiding star for women all over the world.

Here is a pictorial tribute to Benazir Bhutto; her legacy and memory.






Benazir Bhutto









We wind up this tribute with a heavy heart and this dedication to Benazir Bhutto.



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