Taimur Ali Khan- the cutest cupcake

This post is wholly and solely dedicated to the apple of our eyes the baby Nawab Taimur Ali Khan. Drum roll… Since his birth in December 2016, we have been all over the social media looking for Taimur’s pictures to go ga ga at. Blessed with the best genes of his grogeous mother Kareena Kapoor and father Saif Ali Khan, Taimur has been catching shutter bags and eyes since day one.

This baby has been a centre of attention even before he was born. Mommy Kareena Kapoor introduced new trends by flaunting and not hiding her baby bump.

Here we have some of our favourite pictures of media’s bundle of joy baby Taimur also known as young nawab.

Now look at this pout at the age of two months. Just look at it.


Staring into the camera while going to a birthday Party and melting our heart away…


The baby Nawab in all his glory and pomp…


In the arms of uncle Ranbir Kapoor on Christmas, Baby Taimur is stealing all the thunder away from his heartthrob uncle.


Our favourite airport look in the whole wide world is just here. Abba’s arms make the most comfortable sleeping place ever.

TaimurAliKhan-Saif-Kareena (2).jpg

Taimur loves making friends. Here he is on a play date with friend Lakshya Kapoor (Uncle Tushar Kapoor’s son). Both friends seem to be in awe of God knows what.


Aww baby, melt our heart one more time. No one likes a crying baby but Taimur is still a treat to look at.


Soaking up the winter sun with daddy Saif Ali Khan at Pataudi Palace


Here comes the birthday boy…


Those locks, those locks…



So who has the cutest man bun ever? Little Nawab making his way to aunt Sonam Kapoor’s wedding…


We just can’t have enough of Taimur Ali Khan. Can you?





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