Morpher Folding Helmet – the helmet for the modern day commuter

It is no secret that we are big fans of cycling at OxGadgets. I normally cycle around 5 to 10 miles a day on average, and sometimes even top a 100 miles in a week. With the weather getting nicer, it would be silly not to! When it comes to cycling, a helmet is one of the most important parts of your gear. However, carrying a helmet around, especially when you are commuting to work, can be a major hassle. They do not fit in your backpack, they are bulky and they knock around a fair bit. Enter Morpher, the folding helmet designed to address all these needs.

Morpher is the brainchild of Jeffrey Woolf, a British inventor, businessman, journalist and innovation specialist. He survived a major bicycle crash and set on a 5 year long journey to create a better and more convenient helmet. He wanted to ensure that a helmet becomes an easy to carry accessory. The dream has now been fulfilled as thousands of flat folding Morphher helmets have now been sold around the world.

We looked at them back in 2013 when they were running their crowdfunding campaign.


While the culture is slowly changing, over 80% of the cyclists do not wear helmets due to their lack of portability. However, a helmet can be the difference between life and death in case of an accident. The Morpher helmet folds neatly such that it can easily fit inside a backpack, bag or a briefcase. This increased portability ensures that you have no excuses.

Morpher Helmet – Features

  • Folds flat for ultimate convenience and portability
  • Lightweight material makes it easy to carry
  • As safe as a normal helmet, made from eps and polycarbonate – standard helmet materials
  • Excellent ventilation suitable for use in all weather conditions
  • Slips easily into a small bag, backpack or briefcase
  • Magnetic clasp for a comfortable fit
  • Folds and unfolds easily in an instant
  • Surpass all relevant safety standards (CE EN:1078 and CPSC)
  • Comes in a range of stunning colours
  • Fits heads of mid-teens, women and men up to 52cm to 58cm

Look and feel

The Morpher helmet is really light and easy to carry. At 620g it is very convenient. When folded, it is just over an inch meaning it easily fits inside my backpack, still leaving room for the laptop, notebook, charger and other items.

Folding and unfolding

Folding and unfolding is remarkably simple. On each side of the helmet is a simple clipping mechanism that lets you hold the helmet in place when it is open.

To open, simply open it up, clip it in place, and you’re good to go.

To fold up again, unclip, and fold. Magnets hold it in place when folded, so you don’t have to worry about nuisance opening.


The helmet can be fitted to your head size and neck area with provided adjustments.

Once adjusted, folding and unfolding does not affect it.

It can easily be worn for ages, and once on it feels no different to any other helmet.

When not in use, it can also easily be folded and popped into the backpack. At 620 grams, it is lighter than most helmets and doesn’t add much bulk to your daily carry load.

Is this the helmet for everyone?

The folding aspect definitely makes this easy enough for everyone to use.

Personally, I like to lock my helmet to my bike and do so by passing the lock through the holes in the helmet I use daily. The holes/vents in Morpher are a bit too small for that, but that is a very particular use case for me.

Price point

You really cannot place a price on your personal safety. However, the Morpher helmet comes at the cost of over a £100 GBP, which makes it at least double the price of most normal and decent helmets. If you are willing to shop cheap, you can also get something decent for around £20-30.

This means that you will definitely have to pay for the convenience of having a folding helmet.

However, if this is what means you will definitely have a helmet on you when you commute, then there is no question that this should be worth it.

More information

More information on the Morpher helmet can be found on their website. It can be bought directly from their website.

It can also be bought from the likes of  Amazon.

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One thought on “Morpher Folding Helmet – the helmet for the modern day commuter

  1. “When it comes to cycling, a helmet is one of the most important parts of your gear.”

    Since cycle helmets are irrelevant, not important at all, I think we can safely ignore the rest of this article too. Cycle helmets do not make cycling safer, according to all the long term, large scale, reliable data; they’re just emotional blackmail to get you to spend money on a product that doesn’t work and can’t be taken back when it fails.

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