Tips to Successfully Selling Antiques on Shopify

Dealing in antiques is a very profitable business; particularly when selling online, on an e-commerce platform like Shopify. Shopify provides all the features you need to sell your products; such as a simple interface, business tools to help you keep track of your dealings and many more. While all of these are very essential; there is still a need for you as a seller to follow some steps for successfully selling antiques at the best price.


Conduct Your Research

As a result of the rarity, and high value attached to antique items; most sellers believe it would be easy selling them straight up. However, like every other business, there is a great need to conduct research on the antique market. Take a survey of the market; find out who else is selling such items, how they go about it, and the methods they adopt. This will keep you well informed on how to set up your online business.

Take Great Images of Your Items

Successfully selling antiques online requires taking clear and flattering images of the items. This is to attract your buyers, as they cannot see these items physically. You can also consider staging the items for photo shoots.

For example, an antique painting can be placed on the wall of an already furnished house. This will help your potential buyers have a perfect picture of such item; and how it will fit in their homes.

Great Descriptions

There is a need to add a captivating description to each of your items. Structure your descriptions with enough details about the item; including the dimensions, material, date of manufacture and any other important information. There is a need to be as simple as possible with your descriptions. You should also avoid false details, this will amount to being fraudulent.

Search engine optimization makes it easier for customers to find your products. You, therefore, need to make sure that your product description content is optimized. For an antique item like a rocking chair. You need to optimize your headline and description such that the name of the item appears a good number of times. This will serve you well in attracting buyers, interested in a rocking chair to your page.

Great Customer Service

Owing to the uniqueness of antique items, customers will always have attached lot of questions to ask. It is, therefore, necessary for you to provide great service by familiarizing yourself with each product. You should also maintain a friendly tone as you help your customers out. Very importantly, make sure to establish clear policies on payment, mode of shipping, and conditions for returns to avoid fallouts between you and your customers.


Selling your antiques on Shopify will be a very lucrative business if you follow some of these tips. You should, however, realize that e-commerce is different from physical trade. There is, therefore, a need for you to consider costs of marketing and shipping when setting your price.

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