Beginner’s guide to online betting apps

While online gambling has been around for some time, the use of apps is relatively new and means that betting is a different ball game in 2018.

There is plenty of choice and, while the high street betting shop will always remain, there is no doubt that betting apps are the future and here to stay.

Before deciding which one or ones to use, it is important to set out your goals and what you want from a betting app as they will vary greatly from company to company.

Firstly, make sure that the app you use covers the sports that you intend to bet on. Most will allow you to gamble on horse racing but some will offer many more betting options and accumulators than others.

If football betting is your bag then ensure that the app you use caters for your needs – some sites are much stronger on football than others and feature in-play betting.

Using betting apps can be a bit daunting to the novice and here is where it is vital to sign up with one that is user friendly.

You might think that they are all fairly easy to navigate around but that is not the case and a few can be a bit tricky.

The bigger companies tend to have invested more in that side of things so if the prospect of betting on your smart phone makes you nervous, side with one of the big boys.

It is difficult to watch any sport event these days without being flooded with adverts about the latest offers and bonuses that online gambling firms and apps provide.

These can be in the form of matched bets up to a certain amount and some of them are certainly worth taking advantage of.

However as with everything, make sure you read the small print to ensure there is no disappointment when you come to claim your sign-up bonus.

There are online betting companies who will always try to provide the best odds and if this is an important aspect for you then shop around before making your choice.

Make use of various comparison sites to compare prices from different firms. Several now guarantee the best prices available on daily UK and Irish racing otherwise they will match their rivals.

Google’s Android app store finally relaxed its ban on betting apps last year and so those who prefer to stay away from all things Apple can now get involved as well.

Using a betting app is fun and exciting as it means that you can witness you bet winning first hand while at the racecourse of inside a football stadium.

Newcomers to betting apps might want to start with relatively small wagers to get used to the process but once you are an established online gambler then you may want to invest a bit more of your hard-earned cash.

If that is the case then it is prudent to know the betting limits of the apps that you use to make sure you can place the bet you require at the right time.

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