What Works and What Doesn’t: Actors.

Pakistani film and television industry is filled with super talented actors, actresses, directors and writers. Here’s some of the stuff that we’ve sorted out to see what works for these actors and what doesn’t. Each of these actors have done some films, some dramas and are known for other activities too. We’ve planned some lists and here’s our first list, the Actors.

  1. Fawad Khan
    What works: Kapoor and Sons. Akbari Asghari. That shows just how much range Fawad has, as an actor and performer. KnS was a dark family comedy film. AA was a funny television drama. He was quite brilliant in both.
    What doesn’t: Khoobsoorat. You’re more than just eye candy, man.


  2. Noman Ijaz
    What works: Sang e Mar Mar, Dar Si Jaati Hai Sila, O Rangreza… Everything Noman does, he completely owns and makes it his own. He amplifies the characters and makes them extremely real. Legend.
    What doesn’t: I haven’t seen any role that Noman Ijaz hasn’t made work so…


  3. Shaan Shahid:
    What works: Soft, romantic comedies. He was fantastic in Arth. Even the direction was strong too. Wish he’d make more of these.
    What doesn’t: Gujjar Jutt Da Kharaak etc. Pls no more crazy films where your bullets turn into bazookas and or when nuclear war is declared and you’re the only one left.


  4. Humayun Saeed:
    What works: Fawad Khagga. Muhid in Dillagi. Even JPNA, where he was part of an ensemble cast.
    What doesn’t: Bin Roye.


  5. Ahad Raza Mir:
    What works: Je nai sais quoi good looks. His honest charm.
    What doesn’t: the firangi accent needs to just not be there, esp if he’s doing purely desi roles.


  6. Bilal Abbas:
    What works: Qasim in O Rangreza
    What doesn’t: Faaris in Rasm e Duniya.


  7. Imran Ashraf:
    What works: Shammo in Alif Allah aur Insaan. Gul e Raana. Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua.
    What doesn’t: Dil e Jaanam. He can do so much more than just out and out negative roles.


  8. Ahsan Khan:
    What works: Udaari, Preet Na Kariyo Koi. A good looking man such as himself doing these thoroughly evil or gray roles is a great watch.
    What doesn’t: Saaya e Deewaar Bhi Nahin. I don’t know. I’m just not a fan of his vanilla roles.


  9. Danish Taimoor:
    What works: Mehrunisa V Lub U
    What doesn’t: Jalaibee


  10. Sami Khan:
    What works: Rasm e Duniya, Aisi Hai Tanhai, Khudgharz.
    What doesn’t: Dil hogaya nisaar maahiyaaaa. We know that was a long time ago but that’s kinda etched in everyone’s memories and we hope that never happens again.


  11. Hamza Ali Abbasi:
    What works: Sallu, Afzal, that angry Pathan from Main Hoon Shahid Afridi
    What doesn’t: tv show hosting. Pls stop. (also, no more pictures with noted terrorists.)


  12. Zahid Ahmed:
    What works: Daldal
    What doesn’t: Dil e Jaanam


  1. Shaz Khan:
    What works: Dobara Phir Se.
    What doesn’t: Yaqeen Ka Safar


  2. Gohar Rasheed:
    What works: Mikael in Mann Mayal
    What doesn’t: Waseem in Rangreza


  1. Mohib Mirza:
    What works: Bachaana & Arth.
    What doesn’t: Haven’t seen anything he hasn’t been great in.


  2. Sheheryaar Munawar:
    What works: Badass boy in Ho Mann Jahaan.
    What doesn’t: Pappu boy in Zindagi Gulzaar Hai.


  3. Sarmad Khoosat:
    What works: Everything.
    What doesn’t: Nothing.


  4. Paras Masroor:
    What works: Everything.
    What doesn’t: Nothing.

    Paras Masroor

  5. Mohammed Ehteshamuddin:
    What works: Abbi. Directorial skills.
    What doesn’t: Weird role in Maalik.


  6. Ali Rehman Khan:
    What works: Janaan. Brilliant comedic timing.
    What doesn’t: Diyaar e Dil. I know everyone loves that drama, but I’ve yet to see the appeal in it.


  7. Shahroz Sabzwari:
    What works: Teri Raza
    What doesn’t: Chain Aye Na.


  8. Osman Khalid Butt:
    What works: Vlogs. Aunn Zara.
    What doesn’t: Balu Mahi. Baaghi.


  9. Yasser Hussain:
    What works: Writing. Acting. Fantastic cameo in Arth.
    What doesn’t: Hosting. Or the inappropriate jokes about child molestation.


  10. Bilal Ashraf:
    What works: Janaan.
    What doesn’t: No appearances on the tv screen.


  11. Junaid Khan:
    What works: Sun Yaara. Bin Roye.
    What doesn’t: Not enough risks with the good boy roles.



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