Review: iDual Coloured Adaptive LED Lights

There are lots of reasons why someone might seek out coloured lanterns or light bulbs. Perhaps a softer colour than dazzling white is more flattering for your home. Perhaps you are a fan of colour therapy and want to change the tone of the lighting depending on the therapeutic benefits you require. Maybe you just like the idea of having different coloured lights! I was given the chance to try a lantern and some coloured bulbs by iDual. These are available to buy at B & Q, Dunelm and Bunnings (Homebase) but I was given a sample in exchange for an honest review.

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In the box, there are two 11 kWh E27 bulbs. They come with a 5-year guarantee and are 80% energy saving. You also get a remote control that takes three AAA batteries, which are included. The great news is, you use the same iDual remote for all iDual products, so if you have a remote for a set of bulbs, the same device will also work for a lantern.

The bulbs come with some suggestions as to when to use the different colours. For example, there’s a bright white light which is their “wake up light.” There’s a green one, which is shown with a woman doing yoga on the back of the box, which they call “forest ambience.” There’s also a warm orange light which is accessible using the fire button on the remote. My personal favourite was “ocean bliss” which is a cool blue. It’s very relaxing! There are sixteen colour variations in total.

If you’d like party lights, you can have them too. There is a button with lots of little coloured dots on it that can be pressed to go into party mode. It will then gradually change the tone from one colour to the next. If you want the change to be even more gradual, there’s a button next to that one that will run through the colour sequence but slower.

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Each colour chosen can vary in intensity too. There’s a light dimmer button that will switch your chosen colour from pale to bright.

The bulbs are easy to set up. It’s as easy as screwing them in to the bulb fittings. Then simply press and point the remote and you’re ready to start changing colours. The only down side is that they are screw-in bulbs and not every lit fitting I wanted to use them in accepts screw-in bulbs.

The Doji Lantern was the other item I tried. This also comes with a 5-year guarantee and is 85% energy saving. Included you get the remote, but not the 3 AAA batteries required to use this. The batteries will give 3 hours of contiuous light but you can also charge it at the mains. It came with a European two-pin adaptor which was problematic but as soon as I found a travel adaptor, I started to plug it in at the mains. When battery powered the output is 300lm and when connected to the mains it is 470lm. It goes into night light mode when the battery power is less than 10%.

idual jedi lighting lantern

I used this as a night light in my son’s bedroom. Because the lights can be dimmed, that makes it an excellent choice for a night light. It’s also easy for him to carry around if he gets up during the night and wants to take the lantern with him when he gets out of bed. However, it is also suitable for outdoor use and that would make it a great choice for camping trips.

The bulbs start at a price of £27, so they aren’t cheap but with a 5-year guarantee they could be a really nice investment to add a unique little twist to your home decor. If you would like to read more about these coloured bulbs and the lantern, you can visit the iDual website.

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