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PureVPN: Keep your connection secure with the Deal of the Year

The internet is slowly turning into a hostile place. Governments want to keep a tab on you, hackers want to attack you and your ISP wants to throttle your connection or prevent you from visiting certain websites. Go to some other countries and you will find that the government may even ban or censor certain websites. VPNs originally offered users a way to connect to your office/business network. With the current climate, VPNs are now offering people a way to secure their connection as well as location, while browsing the internet with freedom. PureVPN has been offering a VPN service to its customers since 2006, truly an industry pioneer.

PureVPN – Features

  • Allows you to stream content that has been locked down to different countries/locations
  • Access blocked or censored websites.
  • No throttling of bandwidth
  • Connect up to 5 devices at once
  • Offers privacy on public WiFis
  • Allows you to remain anonymous
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Bypass any firewalls
  • Overcome any surveillance
  • Comes with always-on encryption
  • Built-in security protects you from a virus, malware, etc.
  • Offers the ability to dial into your business’s VPN network
  • Connect to up to 140+ locations
  • Apps available for Windows, Mac, Android and Apple devices. Apps also included for other specialist devices such asĀ SmartTV, Kodi, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Routers, and other smart devices. Compatible with Chromebooks as well.


The setup is reasonably simple. I tried this on my MacBook. You download the app and install it.

From the PureVPN website, you can set up an account. Once setup, you will get an email with your login details. Use that to login.

From there, you are good to go.

The app

Apps and configurations are available for almost every kind of platform and device. All the way from your Android to your Kodi box, from your LG TV to your Kindle. This makes this a pretty versatile setup.

When you turn on the app, you are faced with the following choices:

Apart from Dedicated IP, all of the above do more or less the same, i.e. give you an anonymous connection with secure options.

Dedicated IP allows you to enter a specific IP address. This can be used to connect to your business VPN, so you can check your emails or work with files that are only located on your business server.

Once you have chosen your option, you have a choice of what location you want to connect. This has your usual options such as the USA, UK and most of Europe. However, with PureVPN, you get over 140 countries. This includes locations such as Afghanistan and Pakistan! You can also connect to specific cities.

After that, you hit connect. Give it a few seconds and you should get a notification that you are connected.

You may find that your ISP/router may have VPN disabled. With Virgin Media, it is disabled by default. However, you can enable it through the router settings.

Speed comparison

I wanted to check how fast this VPN was in comparison to my usual connection. It must be noted that your VPN cannot be any faster than your main connection. Since it goes through your connection to another computer/host, and then into the internet, there will be some level of slowing down.

I am currently using Virgin Media, with a 100Mbps package.

I got the following results.

Around 110 down and around 6 up. The test was repeated with similar results.

Then I moved on to PureVPN. For the best possible results, I used a UK location. I got the following results.

purevpn test

Notice that the speed has gone down to around 60Mbps. It is still pretty decent and good enough for big downloads or streaming.

The test was repeated 3 times with similar results. I shifted back to the test without the VPN, and it went back up to around 100 down and 6 up.

Security and privacy

The app offers you top level encryption as well as privacy and security. This makes it ideal to use it any location you want. Be it a cafe, a bus or an airport. Of course, if you are at lunch break and want to sneak in a stream, this will prevent your work from knowing what you are up to as well.

Similarly, if you are based in a country or behind an ISP (e.g. work) that disables or censors certain websites, this will allow you to bypass that with no effort at all.


My main focus was going to be Netflix. Sadly, Netflix has wisened up to pretty much all such efforts in the last few years. This didn’t work on that.

Not all is lost though. Netflix does work through the browser extensions that are offered by PureVPN. Currently available for Chrome and Firefox, while an extension for Opera is coming soon.


This does restrict you to using it via the browser only, but that really isn’t an issue. Using it in a browser does have its advantages. It means you can restrict the VPN usage to your browser, without having to worry about how rest of the traffic is managed on your device.

Another thing to try was the BBC iPlayer, something that only works on the UK isles. It worked pretty well and gave me no issues.

Services like Amazon worked fine too.


Another feature this throws in is ad-blocking. This was very obvious on the internet speed check page. With the VPN disabled, the page was mostly adverts. With it enabled, I got nothing but the speed test. Not something you normally expect from a VPN, but definitely welcome to some.

It also prevents unwanted pop-ups and similar from appearing.

More so, if you are worried about the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Google keeping an eye on your shopping lists, this helps prevent that.

More information

More information on PureVPN as well as the various features it offers can be found on its website.

Their Black Friday deal is available for $49.99 for a 2 year plan, which makes it $2.08/month.

Head to the PureVPN ordering page for more information.

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