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MacX Video Converter Pro – No.1 Fast 4K Ultra HD Video Converter & Downloader

The next big thing 4k is now hitting its stride. It comes into every corner of our daily life: the latest smartphones from major brands all ship with 4K video recording ability and 4K ultra HD display, and around one in four US households have a 4K TV. But 4K UHD won’t get anyone excited if there is no easy way to play it due to its large size and limited compatibility. For example, even when iOS 11 gives iDevices the ability to play HEVC 4K videos, 4K video from the biggest user-made 4K video repository YouTube (VP9) are out of luckThat’s why 4K video converters make sense. However, a subpar 4K converter can totally ruin the pleasure of 4K’s sharp image. That’s where good 4k converting software really makes their mark. In this post, we will introduce a true helper- MacX Video Converter Pro, the current fastest 4K video converter. Let’s see what it can do with 4K videos.

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Watch 4K Videos, No Problem

MacX Video Converter is a Mac video converter designed to convert videos among 180+ different formats. One idea that really appeals to me is that it deals with 4K ultra HD and full HD videos with fast speed and excellent quality. That’s something that really matters when it comes to sharp yet chunky files. When you have large-sized 4K videos that can easily eat gigabytes on mobiles, it’s a no-brainer to convert them into H.265 HEVC videos at half the size and same quality to perfectly fit iPhone, iPad, Mac supporting iOS 11 and macOS Sierra. That’s what the latest version offers.

I notice that there is a 4K video downloader option on the interface, which according to the developer can free download any video from 300+ online sites. This is certainly great news. Those who bought the first wave of 4K televisions like me, for instance, are now feeling the pain as most of the households don’t have enough beefy bandwidth. Simply copy and paste the URL of the video link, I’m able to download YouTube 4K videos to my iPhone 8 Plus to get rid of the buffering. I was amazed at the speed for downloading 4K ultra HD, HD or 3D videos.

Since only a tiny portion of the massive video libraries offered online are in 4K, chances are that whatever show or movie I want to watch won’t be in UHD. But now I can build my own pool of 4K content with the 4k video converter‘s new SD/HD to 2K/4K upscaling feature. I can upscale 1080P to 4K, or other videos (unless the original video is rather poor in quality) to UHD for my ultra HD TVs, without being largely limited to the 4K services offered by TV’s built-in smart platform.

Fastest Video Converter for Mac, Really?

So, after a little while of turning things into 4K, I decided to make a start on testing the fastest video converter claim made by the company. There are two major technologies used to speed up the conversion: QSV hardware acceleration and auto copy. The Mac video converter is advertised as the world’s fastest 4K video converter by taking advantage of the former tech, and the latter sets a new record for being the only video converter for Mac that can deliver 10x faster speed.

To shed light on how fast the so-called fastest video converter can be, I compared its conversion performance to that of Handbrake. I wasn’t surprised that the converter would be faster, but I didn’t expect it would be that fast. When I converted an MKV video (3840 x 2160, 02:10:15) into MP4, Handbrake took one and a half hour to finish the job, and the MacX Video Converter spent a quarter of an hour with hardware acceleration enabled. I was definitely shocked looking at the progress bar quickly reaching the end when I enabled the Auto Copy mode, in 1 minute and 25 seconds only!

I have tested some other videos and the results were amazing. After a little search on its website, I get the secret sauce behind its jaw-dropping performance. The auto-copy feature works like copy and paste, where the time-consuming video decoding and re-encoding is skipped. This scheme not only ensures untouched output quality but also speeds up the conversion to 10x faster.

I found an article on its website that has a more detailed explanation: Why is MacX Video Converter the fastest video converter.

Bonus Features Built-in, Wow

MacX Video Converter Pro seems to be an overall solution to cover all the needs that come up to me about videos. To my surprise, I saw an array of editing options that were in the same league as some basic standalone editors. I could trim, merge and crop video clips; add my personal text or image watermarks; insert ASS/SRT subtitles to the clips; record screens and create photo slideshows…

Overall, I think this video converter is worth recommending. What I like best about the 4K video converter is how it finishes the job it is designed for. Who doesn’t want a Mac video converter that has top scores in speed and output quality, while with enough bonus useful features to explore? Get MacX Video Converter Pro full version with lifetime free upgrades at half off now.


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