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Google Drive Desktop App

Google Drive Desktop App is Being Killed

In a recent blog post, Google announced that its Google Drive desktop app is now deprecated. Its support will end on December 11, and it will be closed down by March 2018. Google has introduced an app, Backup and Sync, for individual users, in replacement. And for the enterprise users, Google has made available, Drive File Stream.

If you are a Google Drive desktop app user, it will start giving you a notification from October onwards, that the app is going away. Of course, the service itself would continue to be available through the browser, and through the smartphone as well. It is time to update to the new Backup and Sync App if you have been using the desktop app. Google says, “just choose the folders you want to back up, and we’ll take care of the rest.” 

Google launched Backup and Sync, about two months ago. It combines features of both Google Drive and Google Photo Uploader and works just the way the desktop app does right now. The enterprise user can use Drive File Stream, which helps avoid occupying local drive space. This is because all files from Google Drive are available on demand. You can always sync files you specifically need, on your desktop. You can also share your files with your team when required.

What do you think about Google Drive Desktop app being deprecated? Do you think the new apps would be more useful to you?

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