Zeek your way to some discounted gift cards!

When it comes to gifts, a gift card or a voucher is an easy get out of jail card. All you need to do is think of what kind of shop somebody likes, throw some money, and get them a gift card which will let them buy whatever they want. After giving cash, it is the next best thing. In fact, if you don’t have the kind of relationship where you can give cash, a voucher or gift card is the best thing. However, it does mean that the world is full of unwanted vouchers and gift cards, which often sit in drawers and do not get used. Zeek is the answer to all these problems.

What is Zeek?

Zeek is simply a marketplace or portal which lets you sell your unwanted gift cards, as well as buy them from others. It makes it attractive for you by offering you various discounts. While the typical discount is around 5-10%, bigger discounts can also be found. It offers you gift cards for all kinds of popular retailers in the UK, including both online and high street options.

What’s the catch?

A very valid question. Zeek need to make some money too. In order to do this, they charge you £1 for every retailer you buy a gift card for. So, if you bought a John Lewis voucher for £50 at say £47, you will need to pay a total of £48 to them. You still make a saving though, so it is a win-win for everyone.

Where do those gift cards come from?

Another very valid question. They are simply unwanted gift cards that you agree to sell to Zeek at a discounted price.


The process to setup an account or register your account with Zeek is rather simple. Either head to their website (zeek.me) or download their app for your iOS or Android device. You don’t even need a password. Just an email address and they send you a link to log in. For my test, I used the website.

How to use it

Simple really. Just browse to the store/brand of your choice, select your voucher, and pay for it. I had some promo voucher to try for the purposes of this review. That is where I found the £1 gets added to your bill, even if you have money left in your promo credit.

Once you have decided what you want, simply head to Check Out like any other online shop, and pay for your items. Once paid, the gift cards will appear in your ‘Wallet’.

They appear either as card numbers with security details, or sometimes with a secure link that lets you print out a page that can be used both online or in a physical shop. Some of these are only valid for use when you are shopping online, and this seems to be governed by the brand/shop rather than Zeek.

If you are selling, process is reasonably similar, where you go in and enter your brand, and your card details.

The Spam!

Okay, I have to mention this. I don’t normally find this annoying, but Zeek have been sending me a LOT of emails since the sign-up. I had five emails from them yesterday, and have already had two today. It is merely midday.

The email does offer you the ability to unsubscribe, though I couldn’t find the same while browsing their website.


Spam aside, which is a minor inconvenience, Zeek offers a great chance for users to buy gift cards and voucher codes at a discounted price. It also lets you sell your unwanted gift cards. As far as I see it, this is a proper win-win solution for everyone.

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