Dell’s New Laser Projector and Curved Monitor Show Commitment To Innovation

dell curved monitor

Dell have added two new items to their award winning portfolio. The Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector (S718QL) is the world’s first high-brightness 4K Ultra HD ultra-short throw laser projector. The Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor (U3818DW) is an curved monitor which has been designed with maximised productivity in mind. The Dell Advanced 4K Laser … Read more

How To Choose A VPN

hacker vpn locked content

Many internet users are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy. User enquiries to NordVPN have tripled since the Investigatory Powers Bill launched. By using a VPN, traffic is encrypted and routed through a secure channel between the computer and the remote VPN server. No unauthorised person can access the data passing through and it becomes … Read more

The Rise of Sleep Technology

Sleep is something we all have in common, but getting enough of it can be a challenge. With an estimated 1 in 3 people suffering insomnia at some point in their lives, it seems that, for many of us, restful slumber remains nothing more than a dream. But what if there was a gadget – … Read more

Duck Season On HTC Vive – With Some Surprises!

duck season duck hunt htc vive

Fans of Duck Hunt will be pleased to know that Duck Season is coming soon and is bringing the NES light gun back. It will be arriving on the HTC Vive soon with a new version of the NES blaster that has been transformed into a motion-tracking controller using the Vive tracker. It is an … Read more

Archos Introduce New Additions To Their Diamond and Sense Range

archos diamond gamma

French electronics firm Archos, in partnership with Nubia, have unveiled two new devices to their Diamond range with the focus firmly on camera quality. They have also added two devices to their Sense range. One has a borderless screen and one has been designed to withstand a range of environmental conditions such as water and … Read more

Alienware and Dell Re-establish Commitment to PC Gaming Community

alienware e3 2017

Alienware and Dell have a solid commitment to the PC gaming community and have invested time and resources in this which have resulted in 17 consecutive quarters of growth. At this year’s E3 they  have introduced several new PC gaming systems and components, namely high-end Alienware gaming desktops, a range of gaming monitors and peripherals, … Read more

Does Taylor Swift’s Return To Streaming Services Mark A Shift In How They Operate?

spotify streaming taylor swift 1989

She pulled all her music from streaming services in 2014 but now it seems she’s changed her mind and Taylor Swift’s music is available to stream once more. Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music are now offering her whole library, including her most recent releases. This is apparently to celebrate the 10 millionth sale of … Read more