EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro 11.0 – Making lost file recovery even easier!

Deleting data accidentally from your computer or Mac is an all too easy thing to do. We have all been there. A bit of Shift Delete out of habit, or emptying the Recycle Bin due to muscle memory. Sometimes, it is not even a mistake, you just need some of those files you deleted. Alternatively, things can go really really wrong.

For example:

  • Loss of data due to formatting a hard drive
  • Due to OS crash
  • Due to power issues
  • Due to hard drive damage
  • Due to virus
  • Loss of partition

All of these conditions happen all too often, and can often be the cause of a lot of annoyance and trouble.

Often there aren’t many easy ways to recover deleted files, but thanks to EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro 11.0, the process is remarkably easy. 


The software works for both Windows PCs as well as Macs, and comes in the following three options:

  • Free: Good for most people, let’s you recover the basics.
  • Pro: Offers you all the basic needs.
  • Pro + Win PE: Offers you all the basic needs, plus the ability to create Bootable Media
  • Technician: Offers technical support to not just you, but your clients as well.

Being able to use the data recovery software free is a rather good move by EaseUS. Really lets you use it without needing to spend any money.

Of course, the other options vary in price from $69.95, $99.95 to $499.95 for the Technician option.

What’s new in Version 11?

  • New Interface makes the process a lot easier
  • Improves the process to make it more efficient and quicker
  • Optimised file filter function for easier recovery.
  • Support for Arabic and Turkish


The usage is rather simple. You run the wizard, scan your files, it shows you what can be recovered, you tick the ones you want, and off you go.

The website gives you plenty of options on how to do this and runs through a few tutorials as well.

More information

More information on the software as well as instructions and download options are available via the EaseUS website.


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