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Why You Should Choose Android Over iOS

This will be one of the eternal questions of humanity – which is better, Android or iOS? An objective decision can’t be easily made, because preference in this matter heavily depend on needs and tastes of users, and every one of us wants something different from their devices.

Android is mostly loved by those who prefer more choice in picking out devices that suit them, while iOS users are fond of the exclusivity that comes with being a part of Apple club. The truth is that both companies provide more than solid service for their clients, and it’s only nuances that help people make up their mind in favour of one of the other brand. Here we’ll discuss what exactly makes Android better than iOS and why you can benefit more by using Android devices.


Android Is Acceptable For Any Price Range

The first downside that everyone will bring about Apple technology is that they are much pricier than their Android antipodes. This is really true, seeing that you need a substantial sum of money just to buy the latest iPhone, not to mention iPads and Mac products.

On the other hand, you can get an excellent Android smartphone for half the price of an iPhone, and its specifications will be more than satisfying. Whatever your needs are when it comes to mobile devices, Android will give you a long price list to choose from, so that you can find one that fits your budget. This was never the case with iOS, where you know that the “Apple club membership” doesn’t come cheap, and you pay for the exclusivity of having an Apple product. This was always the goal of Apple’s founder Steve Jobs – to develop an entire market that would cater exclusively to Apple and its offspring, and so far they’ve accomplished their mission. Android is much more pliable, and you can see it best through the wide range of prices it has to offer to its clients.

Different Devices For Different Prices

Now you can choose iPhone in gold and rose gold, which is quite advanced, seeing that Apple’s always been quite conservative when it comes to the design of their devices. Android operated devices, on the other hand, well, there are thousands to choose from and the choice isn’t always easy.

Bigger variety in every aspect is probably what makes Android stand out most comparing to Apple, though you can find cliques within Android community as well. You can always find people who are allegiant to a certain brand and will gladly argue that there is no better. We suggest not getting too involved in these arguments, because they prove to be pointless, but the fact remains that you can choose from over 24,000 different Android devices. This is a ridiculously high number, and compared with the number of unique products that Apple has, it’s more than clear that Android won the race of diversity by a lot.

You Can Actually Customise Your Android Device


As we mentioned earlier, Apple is quite unyielding when it comes to changing any aspect of their products, both when it comes to how it looks like and how it operates. Just take a look at the iPhone 7 and already infamous AirPods, which cost $160 and which you’ll have to own if you want to listen to music, because the standard headphones’ jack simply doesn’t exist on the phone anymore. Remember how we talked about exclusivity?

Android opted out for a completely different tune, and you can do pretty much anything you want with your Android device. You can use virtually any app, any theme or program you can think of, without having to deal with configuration troubles that often emerge with iOS devices. Having a highly customised device helps you both in terms of security and user experience, while with Apple products what you see is what you get, there isn’t much room for improvisation.

One other interesting fact is that when you’re buying airline tickets or booking a hotel on the web, you will pay more for it when you’re buying from an iOS device. The policy behind it is clear – if you had $160 to pay for headphones, you can pay some more for {enter product/service name here}. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this when buying with Android devices.

More Free Apps And Don’t Forget About Widgets

iTunes App Store is alpha and omega when it comes to getting any sort of app for your iOS system, and if what you need can’t be found on iTunes App Store, there’s pretty much nothing you can do. When it comes to Android, you’ve got Google store, and if that doesn’t work, you can simply choose a safe website from which you can download anything you need.

One other perk of Google store is that there’s a much bigger variety of free apps than on iStore and they will work just as well if not even better. Even when it comes to the aspect of security, some of the strongest VPNs can be used on Android without a glitch, so that you can protect your device easily, while you would have to pay for it through iTunes Store/App Market and sometimes face configuration problems. Also, while you can forget about widgets with Apple technology, you are more than welcome to use them on Android devices.

Android Gets On With Google, iOS Not So Much


You’re probably aware that Google is the beating heart of World Wide Web, and very little can be done without it. Millions of people use all the perks that Google has to offer, be it for business, pleasure or all in between.

Android realised the importance of integrating with Google long time ago, which is why today we can see that these two operate together without a fault. Things aren’t that great when it comes to iOS. There will be lags and all other sorts of trouble when you try to operate with Google services. They will work, but it won’t be without difficulty, as Apple always strives for its users to focus on what Apple has to offer. So, if you’re an avid Google services user, then it would definitely be wiser to use Android devices to avoid problems that can happen with iOS.

We’ve already mentioned that the choice of devices you will use every day very much depends on what you want to get out of it. If you’ve been playing for Android team for some time, then you can easily recognise and confirm all advantages we talked about. Both iOS and Android are a good choice, it would seem, only on different levels, which is why it’s crucial to know what your preferences and likes/dislikes are, so that you can make an informed decision.

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