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Fantastical Findings | 4 Nerdy Niche Items For Your Holiday Haul 

It may be difficult to believe, but the holiday season has once again begun to rear its head across the world, which can mean only one thing; It’s time to start shopping. For those trying to hunt down something a little different this year, we’re here to guide you through some of our favourite weird and wonderful gift ideas that are sure to make an impression on your favourite nerd pal or partner.

Some sweet gifts for that graduate!

Who doesn’t want a 3 way chess board, or some puzzles to solve. As a nerd, there is nothing more exciting than a good challenge. Visit this site to inspire both fresh graduates and nerds.

The Levitating Death Star Speaker – Your Fully-Operational Friend


With the amount of buzz and excitement I have seen surrounding this product, it’s impossible for it to not to start this list. With the name of this product being quite on-the-nose, it’s easy to feel that you know what to expect. However, as I recently had the pleasure of finding out first hand, this piece of gadgetry really does need to be seen to be believed.

Rotating above a stylish base, this floating wireless speaker is a near-perfect replica of the titular dark side space station. Couple that with the fact that is a fully functioning Bluetooth-enabled speaker with 360 degree audio, and you have yourself the perfect desktop companion.

Canned Unicorn Meat, Because…

Because who doesn’t want to dig into a delicious can of mythical meats?

Making its way all over the world from its humble beginnings on Radiant Farms, this delicious delicacy is sure to bring a little magic into the holiday happenings.

Alright, admittedly there isn’t real meat in these cans (there would likely be some difficulties with imports), but there is definitely unicorn in there. Containing the cut up remains of a cotton-filled magical mount, this may not be the type of meat you can eat, but it will make a fantastic stocking stuffer come Christmas time.

The Aptly-Named Useless Box

A DIY electronics kit that exists for one purpose and one purpose only; it switches itself off.

Now you may be asking yourself why anyone would decide to create such a machine, a box that flicks its own switch off the moment that you switch it on, and you would be right in thinking that there aren’t too many pragmatic purposes to owning it. However, it is in the uselessness of this product that the true fascination lies.

This contraption is a fantastic example of the things that electricity can be used to accomplish, and brings into question a lot of metaphysical ideologies. Also, as this is a DIY kit, working through the construction of this engineering marvel is an excellent stepping stone to greater things.

Alright, I may have oversold it a bit, but it’s definitely an interesting product that is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever receives it.

The NES Classic Mini


Are you a fan of games gone by? Do you ever find yourself pining for a simple way to play Donkey Kong on your brand new HD TV? Well luckily for you, the internet has an answer!

Introducing the NES Classic Mini, a miniature replica of Nintendo’s original home console. Loaded with 30 fantastic games from Pac-Man to Final Fantasy, and compatible with any HDMI-capable television, it is a flawless way to revive 8-bit gaming in the simple comfort of your very own living room.

With that we have traversed some of the more gorgeous (Death Star Speaker) and gruesome (Unicorn Meat) options that the internet has made available to hopeful gift-givers this Christmas. While there is a world of possibilities out there for you to explore, hopefully we have pushed you in the right direction!

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