10 things Brits never do anymore because of technology 

It seems every day there is a new app to save you time and a new gadget to help you track how you live your life. Soon students will be wondering what pen pals were and use dictionaries as an interior statement piece. In a new study watchshop.com quizzed 2,000 Brits about things they would like to bring back from the past, and things they no longer due because of tech. The next generation will probably be laughing at some of these things we used to spend weekends if not weeks doing.

Visit Car Boot Sales

There are some events that weekends were made for, one being the traditional car boot sale. From picking up haggling skills to spending a day outdoors, car boot sales seem to be a novelty now thanks to the likes of eBay and shopping comparison websites.

Buy Newspapers

Sadly 33% of those quizzed said they never buy newspapers, which might be due to the increase of free publications, but it could also be due online publications using multimedia and tailoring news for a range of demographics.

Send Post Cards

If your loved ones have gone on holiday and you are wondering if they are thinking of you, you might check Facebook or snapchat. Chances or you getting a post card through the door are pretty much non-existent as only 9% of people surveyed admitted that they often send post cards when holidaying.

Postcard gif

Pen Pals

A quarter of Brits have stated that they would happily swap Facebook for pen pals. There is something quite nostalgic and personal about hearing first-hand about a friend’s day rather than seeing it on 15 different channels.

pen pals gif

Make Photo Albums

Oh the hours spent organising favourite photos and writing captions to make sure your favourite memories are captured. With over 87% of respondents saying they don’t really invest in photo albums anymore, let’s hope Facebook doesn’t have server issues any time soon.

photo album gif

Love letters

With a third of respondents saying they never write handwritten letters anymore, it’s not surprising that 34% of 18-24 year olds said they would swap online dating for a good old handwritten love letter.

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Hopscotch/ twister

It’s shocking that some children won’t know the hours of pleasure you can get from a simple crayon and pavement space.

hopscotch gif

Fondue parties

It seems there is an app out there for every type of food you fancy, but what happened to getting a few friends round and dipping bread in cheese for dinner? Would you swap your takeaway for a fondue gathering?

fondue gif

Phone directory

A whopping 56% of people said they never use the phone directory anymore, our guess, it could have something to do with Google’s Local Search.

phone directory gif


It seems this humble book is dividing the nation as half of respondents said they rarely use it to look something up.

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Sun Beds

And finally, one piece of tech we were happy to get rid of over the decades is the portable sun-bed as less than 3% of respondents claimed to still have one at home. The tanning gadget was widely popular in the 70s, but quickly fell out of fashion when it was linked to skin cancer.

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