Vaping your way to a healthier life style

When it comes to vaping, the topic is still a bit controversial. While a lot of smokers look at it as a way to quit smoking and move to a healthier lifestyle, the sceptics think of this as another evil they have to conquer. Various people will link vaping and e-cigarettes to all kinds of issues, such as health and addictions, and a massive movement has seen e-cigarettes being treated same as cigarettes all around Europe, calling bans on them in all public places.

Various studies have been done on the matter, and many resources exist on the planet. One of our favourites on the internet covers the matter of vaping in extreme detail and backs it up with various studies.

Some of the topics they cover on their website include, but are not limited to:

Safety of vaping

In an extensive study backed by reports from both the Royal College of Physicians (London) as well as an investigative report by Horizon on the BBC is covered. It talks about various topics that may concerns users and non-users alike, such as:

  • Materials used in the E-Cigarettes (short answer: yes)
  • The curious case of exploding E-Cigarettes (short answer: buy from a certified manufacturer, and you’re fine. Mobile phone chargers and cables suffer the same consequence if bought from cheap resources.)
  • Short-term effects

Joys of quitting smoking

While pretty much everyone is convinced that quitting smoking is good, the study found on the website includes infographics that help convince you that quitting smoking is more than just for the sake of healthier lungs and getting rid of that cough. Everything from improving your day to day anger management all the way to having less stress are some of the topics covered. Of course, you’ll live longer, save money, and most importantly, protect your loved ones from passive smoking.

Using E-Cigarettes to lose weight

This one is an interesting one. I have heard many people, my brother included, say that one of the main reasons they smoke is that it keeps their weight down. Yes, smoking tends to kill your appetite, but it also kills your taste buds and more importantly, a lot of other cells in your body.

While exact reasons for gaining weight after quitting smoking vary from person to person, the all too familiar scenario is that a lot of people will turn to snacks every time they feel the urge to smoke. If you replace the snacking with vaping, you are consuming no calories, killing the actual craving, and more importantly, not attracting any smoke into your lungs as well.

Of course, the reports don’t stop there and discuss more ways to lose weight as well.

How E-Cigarettes work

And of course, our favourite, the article that goes into detail of how e-cigarettes actually work, explaining both the science as well as how the devices perform. The science is really simple actually, where a heating element in combination with a vapour chamber lets you smoke steam, and this steam combines nicotine and other flavourings which come in the form of e-liquids.

Of course, one must say that long-term effects of e-cigarettes are not yet discovered, so if you’re not already a smoker, it is probably best to avoid them altogether. However, if you’re a smoker looking to quit, hopefully, the path of vaping can help you.

To find out more, or to read more of the resources, as well as to buy various certified products, visit their website.

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