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Review: CityBrix – Commute commute commute!


When I first received the CityBrix backpack I had two thoughts.

One, that it looked like a sleek professional carry on you would see on a flight as you walked through business class, and then, how small the compartments were.


My views on its look and design remained the same as I began to use it daily, but regarding its useable space, they changed dramatically; I greatly underestimated its 20L capacity.

To put this commuting companion to the test, I took it with me during several long days I had coming up with interviews, meetings, training clients, then my own training, and I needed space for my food as well!

I started to pack away my training kit, shoes, shorts, shirt, jacket, DobiPak, and MicroDry towel, a wash bag full of toiletries, and still I had acres of room in the fully waterproofed bottom section.

Then I added my iPad, folders, a jacket, notepads, chargers, food for the entire day, and the upper padded section was still easily closed.

With my training kit packed away in the bottom of the bag, a sealed zippered barrier (which can be opened up to make the bag one large compartment) separates my electronics and business necessities.


The added compartments on the outside of the pack are extremely functional. Inside a smooth sliding zippered compartment are several other pockets. A simple Velcro tab sealed pocket to secure my iPhone 6, larger pocket for diaries or documents, and finally a mesh zippered enclosure; I found this useful for keys, or cash, so I can find them quickly!

There is another external Velcro and zip sealed section on the front, this would work perfectly for travel documents or anything else of that matter. Having the Velcro as well as a zip for this area I felt worked well as extra security, especially if you’re travelling through busy train stations etc.


Although the CityBrix did take several days for my body to get used to the longer length of the pack, and its slightly protruding back support, but overall the CityBrix’s dimensions and storage capabilities make up for some initial discomfort.

If you want to give your shoulders a rest, the CityBrix has a solid sturdy base which maintains its strong and dignified shape, while standing tall and proud next to its owner.

This bag definitely has plenty of character, playful on the bottom, but ready for work up top!


Review by:

Luke Tyburski

Endurance Adventurer


Social Media: @luketyburski


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