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Mobile Casino Gambling Increases in Popularity

Who would’ve thought that in 9 years the entire online gambling casino industry would see a dramatic shift from desktop based casinos to mobile ones? It is what is happening and by each year mobile is outgrowing “contemporary” online casinos and is setting a new standard in casino gambling. This is of course, nothing new if you have followed the newest trends and have at least a functioning smartphone. Mobile is the way to go and smartphone and tablet coverage and market use is surpassing everything else.

The primary driver are games of course and mobile casino games are being released with an alarming rate. You can check the latest offerings of the best casino games for Australian mobile casinos and download the best picks. Now then, let’s go through some of the reasons why casino games and mobile casino gambling as a whole is getting such a great expansion in 2016.


Predicted profits in the billions

Mobile casino apps are the new destination for quality gambling on the go. The analysts latest projections for 2016 are as follows – from the 100% of profits by casino gambling, nearly 50% will be coming from mobile casinos and this equals to over $100 billion worldwide. It is an incredible numbers all things considered and it is an almost 34% jump from last year.

Bitcoin casinos are gaining ground

While the first crypto-currency is of course, online bound, there is a trend for its utilization in the gambling industry for several years now, and this is bound to increase in mobile as well. Bitcoins are great for casino players since they are an online currency, meaning you are basically free to do as you please and not rely on e-banking methods and other bank-related activities, also worry about being hacked and what not.  casino

Virtual Reality Casinos

Samsung’s excellent venture with the VR Gear proves that mobile VR is doable and it can be pretty great. Casino mobile developers are already seeing huge potential in this portion of the market and there are several prototypes being developed for roulette and slots games. Still, this is an early venture into a brand new part of the market so we will just have to wait and see whether VR can become the next best thing in tech.

Mobile Gambling reaches peak coverage

Casino apps usage on mobile devices are increasing exponentially year after year and with the global saturation of these devices (going as high as 80% of people who own a mobile phone or device – said device will be smart and support apps) it is expected to break new grounds this year. More and more online casinos are available on mobile devices (some numbers specify a whooping 90%) and there are even mobile-only casinos available.

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It all boils down to this – accessibility. No other platform offers as much flexibility, features and is as user friendly as mobile casino gambling. You can get the latest offer of slots, table games and video poker, all nicely packed into an app for your smartphone or tablet and you can play them from anywhere you wish, any time. It is a great time to be a casino player and to be able to earn big.

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