Out of room on your Android? Leef has the answers for you!

The world of an Android user is an interesting one. On one hand you have an amazing array of choices when it comes to devices. You have devices with less RAM, more RAM, less space, more space, microSD capabilities, micro USB vs USB C, and so much more. You can pick and choose a device … Read more

Some exciting kitchen and BBQ gadgets, all the way from Netherlands

Recently, I got some interesting kitchen gadgets from TNKBrand, which focus on being the Swiss Knives of kitchen cutlery. Featuring exciting tools in the range, here is a quick look at what they do and what they offer: Barracuda – 5 in 1 kitchen multitool The Barracuda offers you 5 features and the following conveniences: … Read more

5 High Tech Home Security Solutions

Our homes are our castles, our homes are our forts. Keeping them secure is our utmost priority, and as the world of technology progresses, so does the ease in which we can protect them. From having different gadgets that keep an eye out to different kind of sensors and services, the amount of choice we … Read more

Review: Devolo dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Starter Kit – Your one stop expandable solution for WiFi troubles

While most of us are confined to small spaces (specially in the UK), having WiFi problems within your home is not really that uncommon. You may be lucky enough to live in a house big enough to give you the problem naturally, but generally a lot of our houses simply feature building materials that get … Read more

Without a “Glocal” Approach iPhone 7 Could Falter

We still haven’t had any official word on Apple’s new iPhone 7, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill churning in recent weeks. According to the tech trackers at TechRadar, the latest innovation from Apple HQ could actually hit the shelves earlier than planned this year. Quoting a “reliable source”, TechRadar suggested the new phone … Read more

Review: D-Link Wireless Dual Band Multi-WAN router with 4G connectivity (DWR-118)

Internet is a funny thing. While relatively new technology, it has totally taken over our lives, and completely transformed the workplace. Without it, you wouldn’t be reading this post, and without it, this website would not have existed. With these words of wisdom, I present to you the scenario where your internet goes down. It … Read more

Review: Moto G (3rd Gen) – Still holding the budget phone crown?

Before we had smartphone companies like Huawei and Honor making the headlines in UK, we had Motorola that brought the first decent bargain phone to the masses. The Moto G offered a very simple Android based experience, and cost only around £150. Yeah, it wasn’t perfect, had less room, but it worked, it simply worked. … Read more

Review: Moto X Force – Is the force strong with this one?

Since going from the reliable and trustworthy hands of Google to the Chinese superpower that is Lenovo, Motorola has released a few phones. However, you wouldn’t be blamed if you thought not much has changed. In fact, everyone’s favourite budget option, the Moto G has retained its budget values and reliability. However, soon after the … Read more