5 High Tech Home Security Solutions

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Our homes are our castles, our homes are our forts. Keeping them secure is our utmost priority, and as the world of technology progresses, so does the ease in which we can protect them. From having different gadgets that keep an eye out to different kind of sensors and services, the amount of choice we have these days is simply brilliant!

Following is a list of high tech solutions we have compiled that should help you sleep easy at night, and work easy when you’re out of the house:

 Doors, locks and windows

Let’s start with the basics, shall we. No matter how high tech your house is, the simplest and easiest solutions are often the best ones. Doors and locks come in all shapes and forms, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Yes, you should lock your doors and windows when you are going to bed or leaving the house. However, technology has pushed this one step further. These days, kits such as the Piper allow you to add door and window sensors to your home automation kit. Depending on how you set things up, you can be sent messages and even pictures if a door or window is opened at a time when it is not expected to be. A good tip is to make sure you get a device that is easy to set up, has a decent battery life, and connects to your devices easily.

If you are the kind of person who is to adapt home automation, you can take things a step further too. Just install devices that automatically lock and unlock your doors and windows when you are not around. While the technology exists, it is quite primitive and as yet untested.

Remote Cameras

Video cameras have been the oldest ‘tech’ security device in existence. CCTV footage has been used for ages as evidence, and often it is used to find crooks and thieves. The technology still seems primitive and the pictures on display are often grainy and black and white. However, don’t let what shopping centres and police use put you off.

Video cameras have come a long way. Nowadays you can get Full HD video, night vision as well as sound recording all rolled into one. These cameras will automatically record if they detect motion, and thanks to SD cards and wireless connectivity, you can easily access any information recorded by them via the internet. They will also send you a text, an alert or an email, in case they detect an intruder.

Another great feature on offer from these devices is two way audio. This means that these devices can pretty much act like walkie-talkies. In fact, for this reason, a lot of these devices are also used as baby monitors these days. You can even automate messages, and record responses. Once again, the trick is to make sure you buy a piece of equipment that caters to your needs, whether it is connectivity, battery life or ease of use. With the price of CCTV, and technology in general, becoming more affordable there are plenty of DIY systems available today. Alternatively, if you’re not keen to “do it yourself”, there are security companies who will specialise in CCTV installations who are able to help.


The simplest and easiest of options is to get a house alarm. They come in different shapes and sizes, and offer different features. The best part is that alarms offer you an amazing array of choices these days. Something that simply causes a lot of noise to sophisticated system that will send you a text, call the police, do both, or simply notify a local neighbourhood group. They offer an immense choice and it

DIY Security Kit

If you’re willing to have a go at creating your own DIY alarm kit, and have already indulged in the likes of Arduino or Raspberry Pi, the world is your oyster. Head to your nearest electronics shop and grab yourself a development board, and a PIR sensor. Rest should be easy!

Outside Help

Of course, once you have looked at everything else, there is always the option of getting professional help. A lot of companies offer security services, and while traditionally they have always employed manpower, they are starting to employ the high tech route as well, offering customers different level of protection at different budgets. Of course, being able to compare home security solutions is a great way to approach this.

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