Picky Presents: The Gift Guide for the Difficult Dad

It’s not that dads are particularly hard to please, but rather they’ve already got the things they want… New set of golf clubs? He bought them. An accessory for his bike? He already saw to that. A fancy beer glass? He has his trusty favourite! And so, finding a gift for your picky pa is all the harder, isn’t it? But don’t worry. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect present for Father’s Day, Christmas or a birthday, we’ve got you covered…

Fashion conscious fathers: If your dad’s a real dapper gent, we suggest taking him shopping somewhere like Bicester Village. Treat him to an item of his choosing from stores like Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker and Barbour with a price tag at outlet prices. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, how about a gift voucher for a label you know he loves? That way, he can snap up something precisely to his liking without you risking getting his size or style wrong.

Scented gents: For men who like to smell good as well as looking the part, we’d gift him a bottle of perfume. Stick to classics like Armani, Channel, and Hugo Boss if you’re playing it safe, or check out Tom Ford for something luxurious. Tom Ford do a decadent range of masculine scents, including tobacco, Tuscan leather and white suede.

Sentimental dads: He might not always admit it (though we do admire a dad who wears his heart on his sleeve), but a present with some emotional value would mean a lot to your him! Why not gather photographs of your best memories together and make him a print using services like photobox? You could make him a memory book, a canvas or even a new iPhone case featuring meaningful photographs.

Bear Grylls types: Does your dad watch action-man adventurers on TV, claiming that he’d be fine in the wild and would have a right old time with Bear Grylls himself? Challenge him to it! You can buy him a Bear Grylls Survival Academy gift experience, making this gift a challenging but empowering one he’ll never forget.

Domestic dads: Is your dad king of the kitchen? We’d start by kitting him out with this cheeky apron before treating him to a masculine, jet black, cast iron Le Creuset dish. If you’re lucky, he’ll rustle you up a hearty steak and ale casserole while he’s trying it out! If your old man is up for a spot of camping too, treat him to a portable BBQ beloved by professional chefs.

Green fingered guys: For dads who are invariably found outside, up to their elbows in dirt with a to-do list that concerns nothing but the vegetable patch, you can’t go far wrong with gardening gifts. He won’t tire of good quality gloves or sturdy tools, but if you think he’ll be fussy about parting with tried and tested trowel, consider something a bit different… we like the idea of leather knee pads, a fire pit or a sturdy pair of wellies, or a quirky gift for local wildlife like this hedgehog igloo.

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