How to: Basic Air Scrubber Maintenance


Air movers and dehumidifiers are the first two pieces of equipment most go to during the water damage restoration process.  The often forgotten air scrubber can be just as important.  While the air movers force remaining moisture into the air, they also kick up dirt, debris and possible mould spores, all of which contaminate the air.  Air scrubbers work to clean out these contaminants while the room dries and repairs are being performed.  In order to keep these machines working at their best, you should be sure to perform periodic maintenance.

Check Power Cord

Before performing any maintenance, make certain that the machine is off and the cord is unplugged.  This power cord should be inspected for any kind of damage, cuts, frays or the like.  Any of these issues could cause the air scrubber to short circuit or shock someone or something.

Change Filters

The prefilter should always be checked for dust, dirt or any other type of obstructions before each use.  Any restriction in airflow means that your air scrubber won’t be running at top capacity.  If you can see buildup, replace the prefilter.  The HEPA filter should be replaced when the indicator light comes on or as per the recommendation of the owner’s manual.  It is also recommended that the main filter be replaced after each water damage restoration job to avoid cross contamination.

Clean Air Scrubber After Using

After use, the air scrubber should be completely cleaned.  The intake and exhaust vents should be vacuumed and the unit washed.  Let it dry completely before replacing the filters.  This should all be done before storing the air scrubber to avoid contaminating its storage place.  The air scrubber should always be stored indoors.

Replace Old or Malfunctioning Parts

Parts get old and worn out.  They can even break.  Just because this happens, that doesn’t automatically mean you need to replace the whole machine.  Periodically turn on the air scrubber for a few moments and listen for any unusual sounds.  Check the different parts of the machine for damage.  Anything that looks worn should be replaced immediately.

Air scrubbers keep the environment clean as water damage restoration is being performed.  In order to keep them working at their best, check them over occasionally, replace filters and worn parts and keep them clean.  This will ensure that you have a machine that is always ready to use when you need it.

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This post was done in collaboration with Aer Industry. 

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