The best gadgets for the Nexus 5X

The Nexus 5X and 6P are the latest and greatest phones from Google. Google has worked with LG and Huawei to produce these phones, which is a little different to its traditional approach of sticking to just the one supplier, but there is a lot of value to having two different manufacturers. Both phones feature … Read more

Review: Fat Lad at the Back – Bobby Dazzler Reflective Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

We have looked at Fat Lad At The Back fitness wear before as well. They offer an interesting concept to the people who are trying to get fit. They are not targeting the skinny fitness freaks, rather the average Joe, the you and me, quite literally, the fat lad at the back. The idea is … Read more

How Do E-cigs Work? The Science Behind Vaping

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that emulate traditional, tobacco cigarettes. They produce a vapour that is potentially less dangerous than the smoking emitted by tobacco cigarettes, and which often carries the nicotine that provides users with a brief, temporary high. Since the emergence of e-cig use, otherwise known as vaping, in the last decade, it has … Read more

Betting On The Go With Your Phone: What You Need to Know

When online casinos came along, they revolutionized the gambling industry by providing players with a much more convenient way to play their favorite games. These sites let them play without having to sacrifice their gaming choices and it gave them a sense of freedom that just can’t be had at a brick and mortar establishment. … Read more