Services That Help You Go Completely Digital


According to a poll by Wakefield Research on behalf of Wi-Fi Alliance, 75 percent of U.S. respondents said they would be grumpier without Wi-Fi access for a week than a week without coffee or tea. Hopefully we won’t have to choose between the two. The attachment to wireless may be for a good reason in an age where we can live our life almost completely digital. From how we pay for our goods and services to how we get our groceries, going digital can streamline our lives and save time and money.

Digital Wallet

Leave your wallet at home and use a digital version instead to pay for everything from meals to an evening out. Services like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Chase Quick Pay all allow for quick transactions on the go. Smart wallets can also house your credit cards, as well as gym membership, reward cards and just about anything else in your traditional wallet. When you settle the bill for a dinner out, set the Wocket Wallet to serve as the credit card of your choice like your Mastercard. Then later when you’re out for drinks, switch the Wocket Wallet to act as your debit card.

The Wocket Wallet uses biometric voice security to keep your information protected. Couple digital wallets with an online service like LifeLock to help monitor your credit cards and financial activity to stop identity theft in its tracks. If the worst happens, the company will even help restore your credit and financial reputation before it spirals out of control and damages your credit report.

Cloud Storage

Dump the hard drives and switch to the cloud instead. Services like iCloud automatically store your photos and media while Mozy can backup your computers and devices for quick restoration when you need it. But the cloud can do more than just keep tabs on your media and protect your computer. Use Dropbox or Google Docs to create spreadsheets, documents and presentations. You can even collaborate with your team in real time and watch your work sync up so everyone is looking at the same thing.

Streaming Media

Get rid of your cable box and switch to all digital entertainment. A smart TV like the Panasonic Smart Viera connects to your Internet to connect everything from your television shows to music, photos and more. If you’re not ready to get rid of your old HD TV set, take it digital with an Internet connection and a device like Chromecast or Apple TV. Your device streams the media of your choice to your TV. Rely on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime videos and access free shows on network TV websites to bring everything to your television.


Many people have opted out of traditional landline service and just use their smartphones instead. Take digital communication a step further and set yourself up to collaborate online. Set-up Skype on your device or smartphone and connect online to make phone calls instead of using up your data plan or minutes.

Chat with your co-workers, business partners or just friends and family through HipChat. Designed with businesses in mind, HipChat makes endless email chains obsolete. Create rooms devoted to areas like Sales or Book Club and invite people to join the conversation. Whenever there’s an update in the room, everyone receives an email notification and can hash out the latest details in one place.


Save yourself time at the grocery store and buy everything you need online. In some cities, services like Instacart and Fresh Direct allow for online ordering and bring everything to your front door at the time window of your choice. Choose dinner entrees, ice cream, roasted chickens, shampoo and more from their online storefronts. Amazon Pantry also sells household items, baby items, personal care and more with a $5.99 delivery fee no matter how many pantry items are in your box. Walmart is joining the market and testing a similar service at nearly half the cost of Amazon’s annual Prime subscription cost.

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  1. It’s quite overwhelming how fast technology could take over anything that is usually manually done by us. But being millennials, we just have to embrace it. Imagine wallet and groceries?! I’m looking forward to digital make up soon! lol.

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