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There are protective cases and there are protective cases. The Inateck Waterproof IPX8 rated touch screen pouch is definitely part of the latter category. Featuring IPX8 protection, which means you can immerse your device up to 3m indefinitely, this is designed for the adventurous ones among us. A lanyard helps you keep this around your neck while you swim, surf or just sit by the beach. Transparent windows on both sides allow you to take photos, read, or just answer emails while near the risk of water.

inateck waterproof case

Of course, before we go on, as anybody who has tried touch screens near water knows, the performance of touch screen under water is quite unstable. So if you are taking photos, or making videos, it is best to use timer or set it up outside water before you go down.

It looks like any other pouch styled IP rated case. However, unlike most of those, which feature a double or triple fold mechanism to prevent water ingress, this one actually uses a swivel lock mechanism.


A satisfying click sound and feel mean you know when your device is protected. It even comes with the advice of testing the case by placing something like tissue and submerging it first just to make sure you don’t damage your device. A good bit of advice there, and I definitely appreciate it.

Size is another thing that a lot of pouches fail on. Devices like the LG G4 are just too big for most of them. Once again this does not disappoint, as it can cater for devices up to 5.7″ screen size.


And does the water ingression protection work? Hell yes it does.

I tested the device first with a bit of tissue in there, just to see how well it behaves, and I wasn’t disappointed. The tissue paper came out dry.

The next test was putting a phone in, and letting it drop in a bowl of water. Once again, impressive and out comes it dry.

There are of course some limitations with using such a phone. Making and taking phone calls is not great, and there is of course some reduction in image quality because of the extra plastic in front of the lens.

All in all though, it does what it says on the tin, and does it very well.

More information

More information as well as buying options are available on the product’s Amazon page:

It retails for £8.99 (down from £15.99).

It is available in black, white and orange.


A must have for the adventurous type, and I can’t wait to take it to the beach!


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