Wireless Internet Speed on an all time high – only to get higher!


I still remember the times when getting an email, or in fact, just the boop-beep of your modem connecting to the magical world of the world wide web was quite exciting. Times have moved on, and so have we. From wired internet where you could happily make a cup of tea while a news story loaded to the magical world we live in now, where everything seems to travel through air, right to the very device you are reading this very article on.

Samsung and The Economist have put together a small microsite and published some interesting studies about the future of enterprise technology, which focuses on not only the growing trends of wireless internet speed, but other interesting topics such as IoT, future transport, future retail, and many other trends.
Check it out below and you can see the full study here.
For example, the last 15 years have increased the speed of our technology by over 100 times. What this means is that more and more devices are now connected to the internet wirelessly. So much so that we are starting to take connected devices for granted! I leave you with the infographic which details all this.



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