Review: Vax Floormate Cordless

  What is it? Vacuum cleaners are great, everyone has one a home, and they work great on carpets. However, what do you do if you have wooden flooring at home? Vacuum cleaners don’t really work very well on wooden floors, and mopping is quite frankly a difficult one to do if you have to … Read more

Review: Alcatel OneTouch – Idol 2 Mini S

  What is it? The Idol 2 Mini S is an offering from Alcatel OneTouch in the entry to medium budget phones, which features a slick design, feels good in the hand, and brings you decent specs in a well thought out Custom UI on top of Android Jelly Bean. It retails for around £120, … Read more

Talking IoT in Enterprises

If you’re somebody interested in technology, IoT  is not a buzzword you would have missed recently. Though, what is IoT? Internet of Things, as it stands for, is the collective term that describes our increasing range of devices that are all connected to the internet. These include devices like our phones, wearables such as smart … Read more

5 of the coolest Apple Watch apps 

Apple’s latest addition to the wearable tech industry has had mixed reactions. Some say the apple Watch has the potential to revolutionize the wearable tech market, others argue it is an overpriced gimmick. Historically, most other smartwatches have completely missed the mark with consumers, but the Apple Watch – which Apple calls ‘the most advanced … Read more

Mobile Technology to Improve Your Philanthropic Efforts

Philanthropy typically has a face-to-face quality to it, from meeting with potential donors to volunteering at an event or for a nonprofit. But now, thanks to current technology, philanthropists can rely on mobile devices to help bring about social change. While many people feel that smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have made society less … Read more

Review: Honor 4X

  The Honor 4X is a very peculiar device. Costing only £149.99, and available from Amazon or Three, this device packs in what feels like a great device to hold and see, a great screen approaching phablet size, dual-SIM, 4G, a 13MP camera with  mid-spec under the hood characteristics, giving you an interesting feel over all. … Read more