5 of the coolest Apple Watch apps 

Apple’s latest addition to the wearable tech industry has had mixed reactions. Some say the apple Watch has the potential to revolutionize the wearable tech market, others argue it is an overpriced gimmick.

Historically, most other smartwatches have completely missed the mark with consumers, but the Apple Watch – which Apple calls ‘the most advanced timepiece ever created’ – may finally mean that wearable tech can start living up to the hype.

So, as Apple ventures into its first completely new product category since the iPad in 2010, below are just 5 of the best apps available on the Apple Watch.

Notes on the go

Evernote app lets users read their notes, use the dictation tool to make new notes, set reminders and even use GPS to find public notes near their location.

This could be a great way for busy workers to cram in a few last minute data points and sales figures before an important pitch!


The IG Apple Watch trading app allows investors to find, edit and open trades from their wrists.

With just a few taps, traders can make new trades, edit or close existing positions, or check what events are coming up that day. Traders can even use Siri’s voice detection to state the level of stocks they’d like to trade.


The Citymapper app ensures that getting lost is no longer a problem.

Users can get directions to a destination from their wrists and even receive a friendly tap on when their bus, tram or train arrives or reaches the right destination.


Alarm.com’s innovative app enables homeowners to control everything from locks and lights to security systems and thermostats.

The app works like a virtual key allowing users to unlock their front door or open their garage to allow a friend or relative feed their pets when they’re on holiday.


Starwood Hotels and Resorts Apple Watch app lets ‘Starwood Preferred Guests’ open their hotel room door with the flick of an Apple Watch.

The app also works for reviewing reservation details, finding directions to a hotel and checking in without ever printing a reservation or waiting in line at the front desk.

Some estimates state that Apple could sell as many as 30 million Apple Watches in 2015 alone, that’s 10% of the iPhone user base. If the Apple Watch does end up dominating market share, it will be good news for the wearable tech market and may increase awareness and demand for smartwatches in general.


Find out more about all the apps mentioned above on Apple’s website: http://www.apple.com/watch/app-store-apps/


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