Sphero writes its own name!

We have looked over and over again at Sphero, and looked at some of its accessories too.

Sphero claims to be the ultimate in robotics toys, and that claim is being tested by enthusiasts everywhere.

Today we got the following email:

Robotic tech is hugely popular right now, but the Sphero 2.0 claims to be the “app controlled ball that does it all.” 

To put this claim to the test, we had Sphero draw its own logo. We shot a video of the Sphero responding to our programmed commands and applied an echo effect to show the path the ball took. We took long-exposure shots by leaving the Canon’s shutter open and changing the setting to ‘bulb’ mode. We also set the ISO to 100 and aperture to F/15. It wasn’t easy putting it all together, but when we finally pulled it off, it was a hugely epic success! 

Needless to say, it looked awesome, and you can see it here, or through the link above! This product was supported by eBay for their Innovators Collective program.
Would love to see what other people come up with too, so do let us know if you have similar projects of interest!

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