Review: Braun cruZer5 clean shave

braun cruzer5 clean

What is it?

The Braun cruZer5 Clean Shave is a high end shaver that is designed for the people who shave everyday, but don’t mind a bit of a stubble over the weekend too. With the ability to wash this under a running tap, and a trimmer, this is the go to shaver for anybody who wants to look good and smart.

Braun eh… they are German. Do they really do style?

Oh yes, they do, though I can see where you’re coming from. In fact, Braun forms partnerships with various companies around the world, and while the UK does not see all the Braun products that show the full styling they are capable of, you still see enough to know that they know their stuff.

In fact, recently, Braun organized an E. Tautz how with their Creative Director Patrick Grand and Braun’s Brand Ambassador, Fabio Vivan.


Enough of that, talk about the product!

Sure, why not, that is why you came here!

Anyway, lets look at this product in detail.

Looks and feel

The Braun is made of a smooth clean finish, with the front showing off the power button and the two LEDs that indicate battery life and charging. The top shows off the triple action shaver head, while the back has the retractable trimmer.

The bottom allows you to plug the charger in.

The shaving experience

As I mentioned before, the product is designed to deal with both the daily use as well as the over the weekend stubble. Of course, ┬áif like me you tend to go between hipster beard and clean shave, and everywhere in between, there is a trimmer on the back to let you deal with the longer bits of hair. Now the trimmer is not really designed for bushy beards, but it does an okay job. Then again, if you’re the kind of person who is proper beardy, you wouldn’t be using this.

So, on to the shaving experience itself. It works well. The 3 independent shaving elements move, meaning that they can follow the shape of your face, specially around the tricky jaw and chin area. It also works quite well around the tricky lip/moustache area.

It cuts quite close to the skin as well, making sure that you get a nice clean experience every time you use it.

Battery life

Ah, battery life. It is the buzz word thanks to those mobile phones. Battery life on this is rated to be 45 minutes on a single charge. Sadly, one doesn’t shave by minutes. Typically I take about 5 minutes to shave, which means this should last you well over a week. Included is a standard shaver adaptor plug charger, which means you can leave it plugged in after you’re done shaving.

What else do you get?

You get a cleaning brush and maintenance oil bottle, along with a protective head for your shave.

More information

More information on this can be found at Braun’s website:

It is available from various high street and online retailers, such as Boots, Amazon, etc.

The price seems to vary between various retailers, so do shop around a bit!


If you want to have a good decent electric shaver that ticks all the boxes without breaking the bank, this is your baby!

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