No Joking with the Joker

Do you own an android device and are you a fan of the joker (the fictional character from Batman)? If yes, then The Joker Fan Art Locker Master Live Theme app might be what you are looking for to restyle your android device and make it stand out from others. This app can be classified as extremely creative and we love its concept as it is different from other locker themes. The Joker Fan Art Locker Master Live Theme is one of the most amazing live screen lock where you will find Batman’s greatest enemy known as Joker, who is a deadly and unpredictable criminal mastermind.

The Joker has been represented in an array of different stories that has redefined various elements of this character appearance and personality. This archenemy of Batman originated as a comic book character, and has since then been used in a large number of television series, motion comic, movies, and card games and other type of games. One such game featuring the Joker is the Mystery Joker Slots which can be found at Spin and Win online casino. This classic 3 reels online slots will make you experience the authentic experience of playing a game with familiar slots game symbols such as star, bell, grapes, lemon, cherry and jester hat. Mystery Joker Slots is ideal for all types of players, whether you are a new or experienced player as it features only 3 reels and 5 paylines, which makes the game quite straight forward.

On Mystery Joker Slots, you won’t find any wild card as this has been compensated with other amazing features. The Jester Hat symbol, which represents the character of the Mystery Joker acts as the scatter, and 3 such symbol appearing anywhere on the reels will award you 10 Free Spins. Further scatter symbols during the Free Games round may award you up to 50 free spins. You will have the chance to get your hands on a Mystery Win during the free games feature were you can receive between 1 to 100 when 2 or more Jester Hat symbols appear.

The fictional character of the Joker has been inspired from the medieval time jesters who were historical entertainers employed to entertain the kings and other nobility. There were also Jesters who were street performers who entertained the common folk at gathering places such as markets and fairs. These jesters had a large variety of skills such as playing musical instruments, singing, story-telling, acrobatics, magic and juggling, and most of this skills were performed in a comic style very much similar to the performance of a modern day. Jesters have been known to exist in the Ancient Egyptian civilisation where they entertained the Pharaoh’s, and they could be found in the Aztec communities also which was in the 14th century.

If you want further apps with the joker, you can install the Joker Live Wallpaper found on Google Play where you will discover great high quality pictures of the supervillain in Batman taking various poses and showing you that he is in no mood for a laugh.

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