Review: MONTAR Universal Car Mount


This is probably the most beautiful car mount I have tried so far. Full of smooth curves, and a suction adjustment clip that sits flush with rest of the curvy body will definitely make this stand out as far as looks go. A wide enough holding angle as well as a rubber padded back give this phone holder some of its safety and unique holding functionality.


The following items really matter when it comes to car mounts:

  • Does it stay stuck?
  • Does it wobble?
  • Does it hold the phone properly?
  • How adjustable is it?
  • How easy is it to put the phone in or out
  • Can it hold more than one style of phone?

The Montar does well on many if not all accounts.

Probably the stickiness is the best feature, as the design makes sure that the car mount stays stuck, with a combination of adhesion and suction. The extra suction thanks to the clip gives you a great bond. Once on, there is no wobble at all. Being small and compact, and yet a full enough design means that there is no wobble.

Once on, you have a small screw on the back which gives you full 360 degrees of movement, in all dimensions. Adjust as you like, and tighten it. You cannot, by definition, move your phone from landscape to portrait on the go.

As far as sizes go, it can take pretty much anything, thin or thick, big or small. Being universal means it is happy to take everything from your iPhone 6 Plus to your Moto G.

How does it perform on the go? Very well. The mount has been designed to work single handed. You can squeeze your phone in, and drag it out with just one hand. Once in, it stays in, and as there is no wobble, there is no shaking of your phone. You can carry on your driving as normal, and if you want to look at navigation, or reject/take calls, this will do it for you.

A good device, all in all.

It retails from £17.49, and can be found on their Amazon page at the following link:

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