Review: Twelve South HoverBar V3

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The HoverBar, on V3 now, is probably the most interesting iPad stand combo (combo for all the various features/uses it has) I have come across yet. Not to mention that the Twelve South team themselves are probably one of the most interesting people to talk to. Perks of running this website? You go and have a chat with the people behind some of the brands, and the Twelve South team definitely are ones you do not forget easily.

Personal skills and friendliness apart, what Twelve South really pride themselves on is practicality as well as the attention to detail of all their products. A bit like their favourite brand, Apple. It works, and it looks pretty while doing it. The HoverBar is no exception.

But what is the HoverBar, you ask? Well, much like the name suggests, it lets you ‘hover’ your iPad, when attached to a surface, such as one that can be found on a ‘bar’. It also comes with a regular stand option, which allows you to perch this like one of the many many iPad stands we see out there.

So, first question, which iPad will this work with? Everything from the 2nd generation iPad to the 4th, as well as the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. How? Is it some kind of magical expanding/contracting case? No. They have just packed in all three types of clips needed for the device in the same box. Some may call it waste, others may call it a complete product. All I know is that I have the option to upgrade (or bring out an older model) and still use this device as I want.

So, what about the ‘bar’ bit, how does that work?

hoverbar 1

Simple really. An adjustable clamp can fit onto almost any kitchen/home surface, as well as table. They even throw in the allen key you’ll need to fit that on.

On the other end, just fit your required clip on to your device, and the thing fits straight in.

Don’t want the ‘hover’ effect? Just prefer a normal stand? There is an answer to that too, and once again, that is also packed in the box.

hoverbar 3

The SideKick, as they call it, fits to the clip as easily too, and an adjustable ‘kick’ allows you to perch your iPad in both landscape and portrait mode.

Applications there are many, from reading recipes in a kitchen to watching videos in bed, the HoverBar does it all.

More information

More information for this can be found at the following link:

While the website will take you straight to a US shopping cart, you can also buy this directly from them via Amazon in the UK:

Twelve South HoverBar V3 Stand for Apple iPad

It generally retails for £89.99, but a discount is running right now.


One of the most ‘complete’ items I have come across, and that says a lot. They have thought of everything, and made sure no possible application is missed.


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