Review: KitBrix


What are they?

These assortment of bags, or basically the same bag available with different fascias are like little bricks of the bag world. The name gives it away really. They are a bag to put your various amounts of kit in, and they zip up together like bricks. Rectangular, and shaped like bricks, they are easy to manage, they hold together when you want them to, and more importantly, they are extremely tough, ready for any kind of usage.

Look and feel

Probably the first thing you notice about them is the weight. A good solid feel means that you have confidence in the product.

The base is made of tough plastic, means it can be put on any kind of surface, and has endurance built in.


Both the front and the back of netted meshes, allowing you to put little things in, while the top features a card holder to store your details, or information in, as well as a handle.

You also see a zipper on both sides, which can be used to link this to other bricks.

On either end, you will find hoops to put your strap in. Interestingly, with two or more of these together, the straps can let you carry the bricks as a backpack.

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Inside you find the 25 litre capacity that this bag boasts of.


3 zipped pockets let you store things like paperwork, pens or mobiles, chargers etc, while the main bag space can be used for everything from clothes to other essentials.

Reflective strips mean that it is also highly visible, giving you both a sense of security, as well as high visibility if you’re in the dark.

How practical is it?

Very much so. Being extremely robust,  you hardly ever feel like you need to protect this bag, unlike others which often scratch or wither under pressure.

The modularity, which is the novelty that this bag offers is quite interesting. While I didn’t find it very comfortable as a backpack, carrying things around in the car is quite handy, and it works very well in that scenario. It can be anything, from an accessory bag to a great toolbox.

How many bags can I attach to it?

The amount of bags you are willing to carry at one time.

More information

More information, including the ability to buy can be found on their website at

It is available in a wide variety of fascias, and they all cost £39.99. Multibuys can save you money too.


Sometimes the solution is not out of the box. Sometimes, it just looks like a box. The KitBrix definitely does. A very interesting solution to an age old problem!


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