4 Great Gadgets for Your Next Lake Outing


Americans are taking to the waters in record numbers, according to growboating.org. About 88.5 million people participated in recreational boating at least once in 2013. It was no different in Canada, where nearly half the population went boating last year. Because of its popularity, new gadgets and technology are being developed for boaters all the time. Here are some of the latest and greatest.

Autotether Solo Fisherman Wireless Lanyard System

When it comes to boating, safety must take priority. Boaters in Canada are required to take a boater exam, such as those offered on boaterexam.com, to obtain a boating license. One of the most important topics addressed in the course is passenger safety and awareness, and new technology is making it easier than ever to monitor passengers and stay alert for anyone who goes overboard. The Autotether Solo Fisherman Wireless Lanyard System is a monitoring device that will automatically shut the boat’s power off if it detects someone has gone overboard. It protects the boat operator, passengers, and even pets. The system is available for around $200.

LifeProof Case

Because of the popularity of smartphones, many boaters are bringing their devices on board where waterproofing becomes a concern. LifeProof cases promise to not only save your phone from water damage with their totally waterproof seals, they also protect from drops and shocks, and feature an integrated scratch protector. The LifeProof case starts around $60, and boaters are loving the peace of mind without having to worry about water damage, scratches and cracked screens.

FishEyes Rod and Reel

Even with experience and some of the best gear, fishing is often all about luck. Most of the time you can’t be sure what you’ve hooked until you can actually see it. The FishEyes Rod and Reel not only makes fishing more fun, it can also make it more productive. The device is fitted with a camera and LED light that allows you to see beneath the water’s surface. If what you see looks like a great catch for dinner, just attach a lure or bait basket to the rod. FishEyes is also a good way to keep the kids entertained; it sells for just around $60.

Hurley RGB Sea-Vue Full Spectrum Multi-Color Lights

During the hot summer months, fishermen often report better luck at night, which can also be a lot more comfortable than being out in the direct sun and high daytime temperatures.

If you enjoy night fishing, or perhaps want to do some diving after dark, Hurley Marine’s Sea-Vue Full Spectrum Lights provide multi-color changing lights that are like a disco ball for fish. It even connects to your Smartphone so that you have control of the entire experience at your fingertips. It’s able to produce millions of different fish-attracting color combinations, or if you’d prefer, just a solid color of white, blue, green, or red. This high end system sells for around $1,600, and is a great gadget for those who frequently head out on the lake at night.

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