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Review: Edifier Luna Eclipse Speakers




What are these?

These beautiful, futuristic looking speakers pack in over 70W of power, and provide you beautiful music through both an AUX in and a Bluetooth input. Featuring touch keys and a remote, these are designed to be sat next to your PC or game station, letting you immerse yourself in the sound.

Look and feel

At 5.33 kg, these are not really designed as portable. There is also the little matter that they require to be plugged into the mains, but boy do they look good.

The two speakers consist of an active one, and a passive one. The active speaker features an LED and touch controls, and an output for the passive speaker, which just gives out sound.


The active speaker has inputs for Mains In and AUX, and an output for the passive speaker. The passive speaker just has the input from the active speaker.

Overall, the speakers feature beautiful curves, the kind of thing you might see in a sci-fi film. They are also small enough to fit perfectly right next to your laptop or computer monitor.

The active speaker has Power, Volume Up and Down keys on its side, in the form of touch controls. The front also features a display LED, which shows RED when on, and BLUE when connected via Bluetooth.


Setup is fairly simple, specially if you are using an AUX in. Plug it in, turn it on, and off you go.

Equally simple on Bluetooth as well. All you need to do is scan for Bluetooth devices when these speakers are on, and choose the Edifier Luna Eclipse from the list of scanned devices. A simple click should let you do the rest.

Playback and ease of use

As mentioned, the setup is fairly simple, and the speakers both bring a remote with Power, Volume Up and Down keys as well as touch controls for the very same.

To turn it on or off, you press the power button for approximately 2 seconds. The volume buttons are fairly simple in their purpose.

To skip a track, slide your finger between the power key and volume down. To revert back to previous track, do the opposite. 

To disconnect the device, hold the three buttons together for approximately 2 seconds.

Can I make calls with it?

No. These speakers are really good, and you’ll almost be wasting them by adding that feature in them.

Sound quality

Oh yes, save the best for the last!

Featuring 2 15W treble speakers and 2 x 22W bass speakers, with a response between 50Hz – 20kHz.

These speakers are brilliant. Well balanced, powerful, clear, sharp; they tick all the boxes.

Randomly selected songs helped me try out both classical music as well as heavy bass, and these speakers impressed on both fronts. I was particularly pleased with the classical music, as to me that is the one true test of a good speaker.

Sadly the review unit has to go back, but if it wasn’t, these would have become my main speakers in the office from now on!

More information

More information on these can be found at their website.


Beautiful, small enough to fit into your desktop environment and offering a great sound. These speakers tick all the boxes!


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